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How many run levels are available in Unix

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 5

  4. 6

Correct Option: D

What is the purpose of sync command?

  1. To synchronize user applications

  2. To synchronize keyboard and monitor

  3. To synchornize disk buffers

  4. To syschronize main memory and cache memory

Correct Option: C

User's with user id as 0 (Zero) are

  1. Printer users

  2. Not allowed to login using rlogin/ssh

  3. root users

  4. User id cannot be 0

Correct Option: C

How do I uncompress a file?

  1. gunzip/expand

  2. gzip

  3. zip

  4. winzip

Correct Option: A

How do I tar/untar a file?

  1. tar -cvf file/tar -xvf file

  2. tar -xvf file /tar -cvf file

  3. tar -cvf file.tar /tar -xvf file.tar /

  4. tar -xvf file.tar /tar -cvf file.tar /

Correct Option: C

I know linux can multitask -- how do I switch between programs?

  1. fg,bg, &

  2. switch

  3. None

  4. Both

Correct Option: A

For some file the access permissions are modified to 764. Which of the following

  1. Every one can read, group can execute only and the owner can read and write

  2. Every one can read and write, but owner alone can execute

  3. Every one can read, group including owner can write, owner alone can execute

  4. None

Correct Option: C

What is a system call()

  1. A request by the users to access kernel functions

  2. A request by kernel to the device

  3. A request by the device to kernel

  4. None

Correct Option: A

To search a string at the end of the line use

  1. / *

  2. /$

  3. /&

  4. None

Correct Option: B

What is SPOOL?

  1. A mechanism to connect to printer, keyboard and monitor in linux

  2. A mechanism to share printer across users

  3. A request made by the device to linux kernel

  4. None

Correct Option: B

How to sort a file in decending order

  1. sort -d

  2. sort

  3. sort -r

  4. sort -R

Correct Option: C

"Which one of the following lines is correctly formatted as the last line of a /etc/printcap file? "

  1. :mx#2:

  2. :mx#2

  3. :mx#2\

  4. None

Correct Option: A

"Which of the following describes correctly the function of GhostScript? "

  1. A free implementation of PostScript

  2. A printing management tool

  3. A program for converting files to PostScript

  4. A free interpreter of PostScript

Correct Option: D

Which of these commands finds all lines on which the word "Linux" occurs and then deletes them in vi editor

  1. g:Linux/d

  2. :g/Linux/d

  3. g/d/Linux

  4. Linux/:g/d

Correct Option: B

"What do you use the rp field in the /etc/printcap file to specify? "

  1. A remote machine address

  2. A printer on a remote machine

  3. A remote printer address

  4. Both a printer and a remote machine

Correct Option: B

"Which of the following does the .seq file in the printer spooling directories do? "

  1. Prevent two jobs being sent to the same printer simultaneously

  2. Keep track of all the print jobs in the spooling directory

  3. Assign job numbers to new print jobs

  4. Record the owners of print jobs

Correct Option: C

"Who can manipulate the order of print jobs in a print queue? "

  1. The owner of the job

  2. The root user

  3. Anyone

  4. Anyone who can submit jobs to the print queue

Correct Option: B

If the argument list is omitted from a for command, where does it take its values from?

  1. The $* shell variable

  2. The $@ shell variable

  3. Redirected input

  4. Redirected output

Correct Option: B

"Without using the shift command, what range of command-line argument variables can be referenced correctly? "

  1. $0 to $9

  2. $0 to $10

  3. $1 to $9

  4. $1 to $10

Correct Option: A
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