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Which of the following are syntax that can be used to declare a function?

  1. function_name() {command-list }

  2. function_name ( ) { }

  3. function name (command list ) {

  4. None

Correct Option: A

"Which of these commands redirects the output of cat testfile to redirfile without overwriting the contents of redirfile? "

  1. cat testfile >redirfile

  2. cat testfile >>redirfile

  3. cat testfile 1> redirfile

  4. cat testfile 2> redirfile

Correct Option: B

"What stream usually outputs error messages to the screen? "

  1. stdout

  2. stderr

  3. stderr2

  4. stdouterr

Correct Option: B

"The command is used within a function to exit the function with a given status. "

  1. "local

  2. " function

  3. "return

  4. "parameter

Correct Option: C

"Which directory is the standard for storing shell scripts created by systems adminstrators? "

  1. /etc

  2. /bin

  3. /dev

  4. /rc.d

Correct Option: B
  1. Tests for command-line arguments

  2. Shifts arguments to the left

  3. Exits the program

  4. Creates a pause in the program

Correct Option: D

"The ______ loop executes as long as the condition returns an exit status of zero, whereas the _______ loop executes unless the condition returns a zero exit status. "

  1. while,until

  2. until, while

  3. repeat, while

  4. None

Correct Option: A

"Which command do you use to make the /etc/inputrc file immutable? "

  1. chattr +i /etc/inputrc

  2. chmod 666 inputrc

  3. chmod g=rw inputrc

  4. None

Correct Option: A

What Linux file would you use when performing a rescue after a hard disk problem occurs?

  1. /dev/hda1

  2. /dev/null

  3. /dev/ram

  4. /dev/tty

Correct Option: A

"Which group of letters are the file permissions that apply to a group in the string r--r-xrwx? "

  1. r--

  2. r -x

  3. rwx

  4. None

Correct Option: B

"Which command will create a hard link named ""Link"" to the ""Test"" file? "

  1. ln -s Test Link

  2. ln Test Link

  3. ln / Link Test

  4. ln -h Link Test

Correct Option: B

What does the command umask 123 do?

  1. It sets file owner permissions to read and write

  2. It sets the permissions of other users to read

  3. It sets group permissions to read and execute

  4. All of them

Correct Option: D

User's with user id as 0 (Zero) are

  1. Printer users

  2. Not allowed to login using rlogin/ssh

  3. root users

  4. User id cannot be 0

Correct Option: C

User's passwords are generally stored in

  1. /etc/passwd

  2. /var/passwd

  3. /etc/password

  4. /var/password

Correct Option: A

What is the purpose of sync command?

  1. To synchronize user applications

  2. To synchronize keyboard and monitor

  3. To synchornize disk buffers

  4. To syschronize main memory and cache memory

Correct Option: C

How to mount a file system?

  1. fsck

  2. fsmount

  3. mount

  4. mountfs

Correct Option: C

The option not allowed in test command

  1. -d

  2. -l

  3. `-u

  4. -a

Correct Option: B

linux allows more than one root directory

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B
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