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This query requires me to denormalize information in three different tables and then join the results. Fortunately, I only need to do it one time. What is the best choice for this situation?

  1. Global Temporary Table

  2. Derived Table

  3. Volatile Table

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: B

Is the following SQL statement True or False? CREATE TABLE dept_new7(a,b,c) AS (SELECT department_number , department_name FROM dept_new) WITH DATA;

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

A COUNT Window cannot be done in a SELECT involving MIN or MAX functions.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Which C# Keyword Signals To The Compiler That The Method In Which It Appears Is An Iterator Block?

  1. Signal

  2. Yield

  3. Iterator

  4. sealed

Correct Option: B

How can you UPDATE a table without using UPDATE? (Select 2)

  1. By Using a Self Join.

  2. By Using a Nested Join.

  3. By using a Volatile Temporary Table.

  4. By using a View.

Correct Option: A,D

Which Method Notifies A Thread In The Waiting Queue Of A Change In The Locked Object's State?

  1. Thread.GetData

  2. Monitor.Pulse

  3. Thread.SpinWait

  4. Monitor.Wait

Correct Option: B

______ Gives The Compiler Special Instructions For The Compilation Of The File In Which It Appears?

  1. #fcompile

  2. #file

  3. #pragma

  4. #instruct

Correct Option: C

Which Class Limits The Number Of Threads That Can Access A Resource Or Pool Of Resources Concurrently?

  1. Semaphore

  2. Monitor

  3. SynchronizationContext

  4. TimeOut

Correct Option: A

What’s The Implicit Name Of The Parameter That Gets Passed Into The Class’ Set Method?

  1. Value

  2. Default

  3. Object

  4. Param

Correct Option: A

What’s The .NET Collection Class That Allows An Element To Be Accessed Using A Unique Key?

  1. SortedList

  2. ArrayList

  3. ListDictionary

  4. HashTable

Correct Option: D

There Are No Global Variables Or Functions In C#?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

How Many Reserved Words Are In C#?

  1. 75

  2. 78

  3. 81

  4. 77

Correct Option: D

_______ Keyword Is Used To Create Aliases For Using Different Versions Of The Same Assembly?

  1. explicit

  2. extern

  3. implicit

  4. internal

Correct Option: B

_______ Keyword Enables The Type Of The Variable Declared At Method Scope To Be Determined By The Compiler?

  1. var

  2. type

  3. typeof

  4. null

Correct Option: A

______ Statement Prevents The Garbage Collector From Relocating A Movable Variable?

  1. checked

  2. sealed

  3. readonly

  4. fixed

Correct Option: D

______ Type Definitions Allow For The Definition Of A Class, Struct, Or Interface To Be Split Into Multiple Files.

  1. typedef

  2. multiple

  3. partial

  4. typeref

Correct Option: C

______ Indicates That A Field Can Be Modified In The Program By The OS, The Hardware, Or A Concurrently Executing Thread?

  1. override

  2. volatile

  3. unsafe

  4. virtual

Correct Option: B

_______ Keyword Explicitly Hides A Member Inherited From A Base Class?

  1. internal

  2. implicit

  3. explicit

  4. new

Correct Option: D

The objects that collectively define the report Select all the apply

  1. Data model objects

  2. PL/SQL objects

  3. Layout objects

  4. Frames

Correct Option: C

This provides a central location to access and modify all objects in your report .

  1. Object Navigator

  2. Layout editor

  3. Data model Editor

  4. Format Editor

Correct Option: A
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