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This is the most basic type of report

  1. Tabular Report

  2. Form Report

  3. Matrix Report

  4. Single Query Report

Correct Option: A

These are created to organize the columns in the report

  1. Groups

  2. Links

  3. Fields

  4. Summaries

Correct Option: A

We use this type of report to restrict a column from repeating the same value several times while values of related columns change

  1. Group Left report

  2. Form Like report

  3. Matrix Report

  4. Group above report

Correct Option: A

The area in which you can manipulate the objects in your report directly

  1. Object Navigator

  2. Report Editor

  3. Data model editor

  4. Layout editor

Correct Option: B

Report Builder uses the ________________ to determine what data to retrieve for the report.

  1. Data model

  2. Data Query

  3. Data wizard

  4. Data fields

Correct Option: A

A area where you can modify the format of your paper report

  1. Object Navigator

  2. Report Editor’s Paper Layout View

  3. Data model editor

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

The feature that enables you to deliver a single report to multiple destinations simultaneously is called

  1. Distributing

  2. Bursting

  3. Broadcasting

  4. Copying

Correct Option: B

This helps to preserve the sophisticated formatting in a report ,when you format the report as an HTML document

  1. Paginating

  2. Cascading Style Sheets

  3. Report Properties

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

These are placeholders for text that you embed in a SELECT statement

  1. Parameters

  2. Fields

  3. Lexical References

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: C

___________ fasten an edge of one object to an edge of another object, ensuring that they maintain their relative positions

  1. Frames

  2. Repeating Frames

  3. Anchors

  4. Links

Correct Option: C

Reports Builder has ______global report triggers.

  1. One

  2. Three

  3. Four

  4. Five

Correct Option: D

_______________ help avoid unnecessary empty space in your report

  1. Collapsing anchors

  2. Formatting anchors

  3. Frames

  4. Spacers

Correct Option: A

. A __________ object is any text, lines, or graphics that appear in a report every time it is run.

  1. Frame

  2. Field

  3. Boiler Plate

  4. Format

Correct Option: C

Select all that are not TRUE

  1. A matrix object merely defines a relationship between two repeating frames

  2. A cursor is static

  3. A non-linkable query is a detail query that contains column objects that prevent the query from being linked to via a column-to-column link

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

From which class The user controls are derived ?

  1. System.Web.UI

  2. System.Web.Data.Usercontrol

  3. System.Web.UI.Data

  4. System.Web.UI.Usercontrol

Correct Option: D

In which file extension the user controls are stored ?

  1. .ascx

  2. .aspx

  3. .asmx

  4. .ashx

Correct Option: A

Code behind model places the code in a separate file but not in a specifically designated script tag ?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

In Which file extension the webforms are stored ?

  1. .aswx

  2. .aspx

  3. .asmx

  4. .ascx

Correct Option: B
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