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Once very popular and widely used Pascal spawned a number of derivative languages. Which is NOT a successor to Pascal?

  1. Python

  2. Ada

  3. Oberon

  4. Modula-2

Correct Option: A

Why are race conditions a problem in modern software development?

  1. Minorities are inadequately represented in programming jobs

  2. Developers can't code fast enough to meet ever-changing requirements

  3. Software can't keep up with the speed of modern processors

  4. Processes that share the same memory can produce unexpected results

Correct Option: D

Is P equal to NP?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Sometimes

  4. I don't know

Correct Option: D

A client has asked you to write some basic accounting software in C. What data type is best for representing figures in dollars and cents?

  1. Float

  2. Double

  3. Integer

  4. Boolean

Correct Option: C

For what achievement is Brian Kernighan best known?

  1. He was co-creator of the Unix operating system

  2. He was co-creator of AWK a programming language for text processing

  3. He was co-creator of the C programming language

  4. He was co-inventor of the concept of object-oriented programming

Correct Option: B

A programming language is said to be "Turing complete" if it can be used to implement any conceivable algorithm. Which is NOT a Turing-complete language in its standard form?

  1. PostScript

  2. BASIC

  3. C#

  4. SQL

Correct Option: D

Which of the following is NOT a data structure used in modern programming practice?

  1. Linked list

  2. Twisted pair

  3. Circular buffer

  4. Sparse matrix

Correct Option: B

Proc Dataset cannot be used for which of the following task?

  1. Display the variable(s) information

  2. Manage Index on Dataset

  3. Rename SAS Dataset

  4. Manipulate Password

Correct Option: A

A BPEL Process can be invoked by

  1. Another BPEL Process

  2. A java client

  3. A non-java client

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: D

What is difference between Proc Options and Options statment?

  1. It overwrites values assigned using Options statement

  2. It can be used to alter SAS systems options PERMANENTLY

  3. It is more efficient and effective

  4. It doesn't assign SAS systems options

Correct Option: D

Which procedure can be used to make rows-coulms and vice versa?

  1. Proc Transpose

  2. Proc Rotate

  3. Proc Convert

  4. Proc Dataset

Correct Option: A

What is the difference between proc print and proc printto?

  1. proc printto allows to redirect the output

  2. no difference

  3. proc printto is faster and takes less memory space

  4. proc printto does not exists

Correct Option: A




Correct Option: A

A BPEL process can invoke another BPEL process through a

  1. BPEL Adapter

  2. AQ Adapter

  3. Decision Service

  4. Partner Link

Correct Option: D

What proc import is used for?

  1. Import SAS Dataset into program

  2. Import other OS/Format data

  3. Import external data/files

  4. Imports anything and everything

Correct Option: C

Which of the following statements are true about WS-Addressing correlation id?

  1. The correlation ID enables Oracle BPEL Server to correlate the response with the appropriate requesting instance

  2. The correlation ID carries transaction information between BPEL processes

  3. The developer needs to set the value of the correlation ID while coding the BPEL process

  4. The correlation ID is automatically set by the BPEL engine at run-time

Correct Option: A,D

Which of the following services are used to read a file from a BPEL process?

  1. StreamAdapter

  2. SocketAdapter

  3. FileAdapter

  4. AQAdapter

Correct Option: C
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