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_____ in XSL do allow the element to be processed for multiple times, each time producing different result.

  1. levels

  2. pages

  3. template

  4. Modes

Correct Option: D

An attributes can be accessed in the way similar to the elements. Notice ____ in front of the attribute name.

  1. $

  2. %

  3. @

  4. &

Correct Option: C

An _____ instruction do contains the template, which is been applied to each node selected with the select attribute.

  1. xsl:for

  2. xsl:for-each

  3. xsl:do-while

  4. xsl:while

Correct Option: B

Value of the local variable is bounded to the which element

  1. xsl:where

  2. xsl:when

  3. xsl:than

  4. xsl:which

Correct Option: B

"Position" function do returns the number equal to context position

  1. TRUE

  2. FALSE

  3. CAN'T SAY


Correct Option: A

An xsl:numbers do inserts a formated numbers into the ______

  1. browser

  2. file

  3. input

  4. output

Correct Option: D

Who developed Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language)?

  1. santa banta

  2. larry walls

  3. george bush

  4. zeev soraski

Correct Option: B

Who developed PHP?

  1. Zeev Soraski

  2. Andy Gutmans

  3. Rasmus Lerdorf

  4. Romenov Martin

Correct Option: C

who developed python?

  1. Prince Charles

  2. Katrina Kaif

  3. Rob Van Damn

  4. Guido van Rossum

Correct Option: D

Who is father of java programming language?

  1. James A. Gosling

  2. Bjarne Stroustrup

  3. James A. Bean

  4. Timber Aoaha

Correct Option: A

Who developed java script?

  1. Bill Gates

  2. Brendan Eich

  3. Linus Torvolds

  4. Kathy Sierra

Correct Option: B

Expand Windows WF

  1. Windows wokflow foundation

  2. Windows word format

  3. Windows work foundation

  4. Windows word foundation

Correct Option: A

WCF is a platform that enables developers to develop and run connected systems?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

WCF encapsulates distributed system technologies and legacy technologies like MSMQ,.NET remoting and ASMX?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Way to integrate WF and WPF?

  1. exposing a workflow as a WCF-anabled service

  2. calling a WCF service into a workflow

  3. both

  4. none

Correct Option: C

Which of the following is not a java driver?

  1. JDBC bridge driver

  2. Native API partly java driver

  3. JDBC Net pure java driver

  4. Native protocol pure java driver

Correct Option: A

Given the definition of MyServlet: public class MyServlet extends HttpServlet { public void service(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { HttpSession session = request.getSession(); session.setAttribute("myAttribute","myAttributeValue"); session.invalidate(); response.getWriter().println("value=" + session.getAttribute("myAttribute")); } } What is the result when a request is sent to MyServlet?

  1. An IllegalStateException is thrown at runtime.

  2. An InvalidSessionException is thrown at runtime.

  3. The string "value=null" appears in the response stream.

  4. The string "value=myAttributeValue" appears in the response stream.

Correct Option: A

Which method is secure?

  1. get

  2. trace

  3. post

  4. set

Correct Option: C

Is Prepared statement a precomplied SQL statement?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A
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