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programming languages Online Quiz - 251

Description: programming languages Online Quiz - 251
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In a PROC PRINT step,to control the order in which the variables appear you can use:

  1. VAR statement

  2. VARNUM Option

  3. Variables Statement

  4. all of the above

Correct Option: A

The Equivalent Code for CATX(SP, OF X1-X4) is

  1. X1||SP ||X2||SP||X3||SP||X4

  2. TRIM(X1)||SP||TRIM(X2)||SP||TRIM(X3)||SP||TRIM(X4)



Correct Option: D

The WHERE statement does not perform automatic conversions(character/numeric) in comparisons :True or False?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Which of the following statements is true regarding BY-group processing

  1. BY variables must be either indexed or sorted

  2. Summary statistics are computed for BY variables

  3. BY-group processing is preferred when you are categorizing data that contains few variables

  4. BY-group processing overwrites your data set with the newly grouped observations

Correct Option: A

Which statement will limit a PROC MEANS analysis to the variables Boarded, Transfer, and Deplane

  1. by boarded transfer deplane;

  2. class boarded transfer deplane;

  3. output boarded transfer deplane;

  4. var boarded transfer deplane;

Correct Option: D

The default statistics produced by the MEANS procedure are n-count, mean, minimum, maximum, and

  1. median

  2. range

  3. standard deviation

  4. standard error of the mean

Correct Option: C

While working with Formats,If you don't specify the LIBRARY= option, your formats are stored in Work.Formats, and they exist

  1. only for the current procedure

  2. only for the current DATA step

  3. only for the current SAS session

  4. permanently

Correct Option: C

You can use only one DATALINES statement in a DATA step.True or False?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

How many characters can be used in a label

  1. 40

  2. 96

  3. 200

  4. 256

Correct Option: D

PROC CONTENTS can read sequential files. The CONTENTS statement cannot.True or False?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Which time span is used to interpret two-digit year values if the YEARCUTOFF= option is set to 1950?

  1. 1950-2049

  2. 1950-2050

  3. 1949-2050

  4. 1950-2000

Correct Option: A

The data set Survey.Health includes the following variables. Which is a poor candidate for PROC MEANS analysis?

  1. IDnum

  2. Age

  3. Height

  4. Weight

Correct Option: A

Suppose you want to create a report using both character and numeric variables. If you don't use any DEFINE statements in your PROC REPORT step

  1. your PROC REPORT step will not execute successfully

  2. you can produce only list reports

  3. you can order rows by specifying options in the PROC REPORT statement

  4. you can produce only summary reports

Correct Option: B

Filerefs remain in effect until

  1. you change them

  2. you cancel them

  3. you end your SAS session

  4. all of the above

Correct Option: D

The value 38245.3975 displayed using the format DOLLAR12.2 and DOLLAR8.2 are:

  1. $38,245.39 and 38245.39

  2. $38,245.40 and $38245.40

  3. $38,245.40 and 38245.40

  4. $38,245.40 and 38,245.40

Correct Option: C

Who designed Ruby ?

  1. James Smith

  2. Carl Hofman

  3. Yukihiro Matsumoto

  4. J Bannerji

Correct Option: C

Who developed Oak ?

  1. Guido van Rossum

  2. Dennis Ritchie

  3. James Gosling

  4. Won Neuman

Correct Option: C

Who developed J# (pronounced 'jay-sharp')?

  1. Google

  2. Microsoft

  3. Oracle

  4. Sun

Correct Option: B

Who designed BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language)?

  1. W. A. Wulf

  2. Martin Richards

  3. D. B. Russell

  4. A. N. Habermann

Correct Option: B

Who developed C ?

  1. Bottenbruch

  2. Dennis Ritchie

  3. McCarthy

  4. Martin Richards

Correct Option: B
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