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programming languages Online Quiz - 234

Description: programming languages Online Quiz - 234
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What is the clause we use to access the file between two programs as a common file ?

  1. (1) Use the SYNCHRONIZED clause for the file.

  2. (2) Use the EXTERNAL clause for the file.

  3. (3) Use GLOBAL clause for the file.

  4. (4) Use COMMON clause for the file.

Correct Option: B

RMODE stands for ?

  1. (a) Remote mode

  2. (b) Regression mode

  3. (c) Recession mode

  4. (d) Residency mode

Correct Option: D

DBRM stands for ?

  1. (a) database request module

  2. (b) database resourse module

  3. (c) databind request module

  4. (d) databind resourse module

Correct Option: A

For conversions that lose precision - When a USAGE COMP-1 data item is moved to a FIXED-POINT data item that has more than nine digits, the fixed-point data item will receive only -- significant digits, and the remaining digits will be ----.

  1. (a) 18 , zero

  2. (b) zero , 18

  3. (c) zero , 9

  4. (d) 9 , zero

Correct Option: D

The DATA option affects whether storage for dynamic data areas and other dynamic runtime storage is obtained from above or below the ------line

  1. (a) 8MB

  2. (b) 31MB

  3. (c) 16MB

  4. (d) 20MB

Correct Option: C

Can we use the LANGUAGE compiler option and the NATLANG runtime option to act independently of each other.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

In the syntax WORD(xxxx) what do xxxx specifies?

  1. (a) starting characters of the name of the reserved-word table

  2. (b) ending characters of the name of the reserved-word table

  3. (c) alternate characters of the name of the reserved-word table

  4. (d) All of the above

Correct Option: A

When conflicting options are specified at the same level in the hierarchy -------- option takes effect.

  1. (a) the option specified last

  2. (b) the option specified first

  3. (c) both options takes effect

  4. (d) both options will not takes effect

Correct Option: A

Default BUFSIZE is ?

  1. (a) 1024

  2. (b) 4024

  3. (c) 256

  4. (d) 4096

Correct Option: D

The only difference between DECK and OBJECT is in the ------

  1. (a) linkage editor

  2. (b) dataset name

  3. (c) routing of datasets

  4. (d) binder

Correct Option: C

We need to use ----- to get a sorted cross-reference listing

  1. (a) XNOX

  2. (b) XREFER

  3. (c) XSCR

  4. (d) XREF

Correct Option: D

To call a C/C++ function with a function return value

  1. (a) CALL . . . RETURNING

  2. (b) CALL . . . RECURRING

  3. (c) CALL . . . RECURSIVE

  4. (d) CALL . . . REFERRING

Correct Option: A

To pass a copy of the identifier to the subprogram --- code can be used?

  1. (a) CALL . . . BY CONTENT literal

  2. (b) CALL . . . BY CONTENT identifier

  3. (c) CALL . . . BY CONTENT ADDRESS OF identifier

  4. (d) CALL . . . BY CONTENT ADDRESS OF identifier

Correct Option: B

By what way we can pass data between programs?

  1. (a) By Reference

  2. (b) By Content

  3. (c) By Value

  4. (d) All of the above

Correct Option: D

You will introduce errors if the number of data-names in the identifier list of a called program is greater than the number of arguments passed from the calling program

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

-------- specifies a decimal number that must be at least 256.

  1. (a) nnn

  2. (b) nnnK

  3. (c) nnnnn

  4. (d) nn

Correct Option: C

Use MAP to produce a listing of the items defined in the

  1. (a) Identification division

  2. (b) Data division

  3. (c) Environment division

  4. (d) Program division

Correct Option: B

LIB compiler option must be in effect for which of the following statements?

  1. (a) Basis

  2. (b) Copy

  3. (c) Replace

  4. (d) All of the above

Correct Option: D

In CODEPAGE(ccsid),what is full form of CCSID?

  1. (a) coded character set identifier

  2. (b) character code set identifier

  3. (c) codepage character set identifier

  4. (d) coded character statement identifier

Correct Option: A

The maximum value of the integer argument to the FACTORIAL function when you specify ARITH (COMPAT) is?

  1. (a) 20

  2. (b) 29

  3. (c) 28

  4. (d) 18

Correct Option: C
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