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programming languages Online Quiz - 215

Description: programming languages Online Quiz - 215
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How does struct differ from class in C#?

  1. Structs cannot be inherited.

  2. Structs are passed by value, not by reference.

  3. Struct is stored on the stack, not the heap.

  4. structs can be inherited

Correct Option: A

Considering that applications are running in different application domains how does a running application communicate or share data with other application?

  1. using Exceptions

  2. using attributes

  3. using .NET remoting services

  4. using IO

Correct Option: C

Which of the following is an exclusive feature of C#?

  1. Object Oriented

  2. IL

  3. XML documentation

  4. Garbage Collection

Correct Option: C

Which among the following is a valid syntax defining a delegate

  1. delegate {TheMethod( int Z) }

  2. delegate void TheMethod(int Z) ;

  3. delegate: TheMethod (int Z)

  4. delegate: {TheMethod (int Z)}

Correct Option: B

In C# an assembly is deployed

  1. Using MSI installer

  2. using XCOPY

  3. using a CAB archive

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: D

COM objects can be called in C# using :

  1. DLLImport

  2. UsingDLL

  3. DLLCall

  4. CallDLL

Correct Option: A

What is a manifest ?

  1. area where the assembly code is compiled

  2. area in which Debug information is a stored

  3. area in which Assembly metadata is stored

  4. area where variables are initialized

Correct Option: C

Among the following choices which is correct about readonly variable in C# code?

  1. It's the same as a constant

  2. It's value can be assigned only once

  3. You can never assign a value to it

  4. You can assign value multiple times

Correct Option: B

As of SAP Netweaver PI 7.1 , Interface mapping is replaced by

  1. Message mapping

  2. Communication Channel

  3. Operation mapping

  4. Communication Component

Correct Option: C

As of SAP Netweaver PI 7.1 , the Integration Builder(Design) is replaced by

  1. Operation mapping

  2. Service Interface

  3. Enterprises Service Builder

  4. Communication Component

Correct Option: C

The Expansion for eSOA

  1. Extensible Service Oriented Architecture

  2. Extensible Schema of Application

  3. Enterprise Schema Oriented Application

  4. enterprise Service Oriented Architecture

Correct Option: D

The integral part of SAP Netweaver is made up of

  1. Enterprise Service Repository

  2. Enterprise Service Registry

  3. Integration Directory

  4. Integration Builder

Correct Option: A,B

New functions provided with SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 are an extension of the robust architecture based on

  1. JEE5

  2. VB

  3. .NET

  4. ABAP

Correct Option: A

Suggest the most appropriate masking macro function that can be used to read the following text strings: Pride and Prejudice Rice & Beans Charles Dickens' Complete Works





Correct Option: A

Which of the following correctly produces a title in which the current date is left justified in order to remove extra blanks?

  1. title "Report for %sysfunc(left(%sysfunc(today(),worddate.)))";

  2. title "Report for %sysfunc(left(today(), worddate.))";

  3. title "Report for %sysfunc(left(%qsysfunc(today(), worddate.)))";

  4. title "Report for %left(today(), worddate.))";

Correct Option: C

%let lib=sasuser; %let year=02; %let month=jan; libname &lib ’SAS-data-library’; proc print data=&lib.y&year&month; run; The dataset name that proc print gets is "sasusery02jan".Which of the following character you will use in place of to finally have "sasuser.y02jan" dataset. proc print data=&lib.y&year&month; run;

  1. . (period)

  2. &(ampersand)

  3. %(percentage)

  4. Any one of the above character

Correct Option: A

What are the resulting values for the macro variables that are defined here? %let month1 = June; %let month2 = July; %let period1 = &month1&month2; %let period2 = May&month1; %let period3 = &month2.Aug;

  1. month1 June month2 July period1 June July period2 May June period3 July Aug

  2. month1 June month2 July period1 JuneJuly period2 MayJune period3 July.Aug

  3. month1 June month2 July period1 JuneJuly period2 MayJune period3 JulyAug

  4. month1 June month2 July period1 junejuly period2 Mayjune period3 julyaug

Correct Option: C

%let a=begin; %let b=%nrstr(&a); %put UPCASE produces: %upcase(&b); %put QUPCASE produces: %qupcase(&b); The output of the two put statement is :

  1. BEGIN and &A

  2. begin and &A

  3. begin and begin

  4. begin and BEGIN

Correct Option: A

(a) %let prog=%str(data new; x=1; run;); (b) %let prog=data new%str(;) x=1%str(;)run%str(;); The above two are equivalent?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

What are the valid values of SYSENV macro variable


  2. OpenVMS,WIN, HP 300

  3. Batch,Interactive

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: A
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