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Which memory component contains data and control information for a server process ?

  1. Progran Global Area

  2. System Global Area

  3. Shared Pool Area

  4. Database Buffer Cache

Correct Option: A

Which oracle object provides access to table data by storing the results of a query in a separate schema object ?

  1. view

  2. materilized view

  3. undo segments

  4. flashback

Correct Option: B

Which tool is used to add & remove assemblies from GAC

  1. Regasm


  3. AL

  4. Regsvr32

Correct Option: B

Applications for Smart Phone and other handheld devices can be written using:

  1. NET Smartclient Framework

  2. NET Small Framework

  3. NET Compact Framework

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: C

To which property of the Control class are constituent controls added?

  1. ViewState

  2. Collection

  3. StateBag

  4. Controls

Correct Option: D

Which validation control would you use to validate a telephone number?

  1. CompareValidator

  2. RangeValidator

  3. RegularExpressionValidator

  4. CustomValidator

Correct Option: C

Which one is an example of session control statements ?

  1. savepoint

  2. alter system

  3. set role

  4. execute

Correct Option: C

Which one is a valid parameter for profile definition ?





Correct Option: D

The main difference between a pfile and spfile in Oracle is

  1. pfile is a binary file

  2. spfile is a binary file

  3. spfile is a text file

  4. pfile is a binary file ; spfile is a text file

Correct Option: B

You add web components to a J2EE application in a package called WAR (web application archive). A WAR has a specific hierarchical directory structure. Which directory stores the deployment descriptor for a Web application located in the myapp directory?

  1. myapp/WEB-INF/public_html

  2. myapp/WEB-INF/classes

  3. myapp/WEB-INF

  4. myapp/WEB-INF/lib

Correct Option: C

To which class or interface do the methods sendError() and sendStatus() belong?

  1. HttpServletRequest

  2. HttpServletResponse

  3. ServletRequest

  4. ServletResponse

Correct Option: B

Shell Scripting options to debug and checking for syntax errors

  1. sh -x AND sh -n

  2. sh -X AND sh -N

  3. sh -xn

  4. sh -nx

Correct Option: A

How can you find the CPU utilization in Solaris system ?

  1. pstat

  2. vmstat

  3. prstat

  4. cpustat

Correct Option: B

In Linux , how you can find out the memory usage ?

  1. vmstats

  2. sar

  3. vmstat

  4. prstat

Correct Option: C

Display the lasttime you edited the cron file

  1. crontab -e

  2. crontab -v

  3. crontab -l

  4. crontab -r

Correct Option: B

Which options while executing fsck will repair all the error without waiting user responses

  1. p

  2. y

  3. Y

  4. y or Y

Correct Option: D

In vi editor which option will substitutes entire line

  1. C

  2. S

  3. A

  4. O

Correct Option: B

In vi editor which option will move the cursor to next sentence and previous sentence respectively ?

  1. { AND }

  2. } AND {

  3. ( AND )

  4. ) AND (

Correct Option: D

Following command sets or reports user resource threshold

  1. ulimt

  2. umask

  3. umax

  4. ulimits

Correct Option: A

Which command prints the contents of the mail queue ?

  1. mailx

  2. mailstats

  3. mail

  4. mailq

Correct Option: D
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