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What is the maximum no of of levels a DL/I database can have?

  1. 15

  2. 16

  3. 255

  4. 49

Correct Option: A

What does PCB stands for in IMS?

  1. Process control Block

  2. Program Control Block

  3. Program Communication Block

  4. Process Communication Block

Correct Option: C

Which one of the following is a definition of a PATH in IMS?

  1. Occurrences of all the segment types under a single parent segment occurrence is called

  2. Each occurrence of the root segment plus all the segment occurances that are subordinate to it make up

  3. The unit of data that DL/I transfer to and from your program is called

  4. The series of segments that leads from the top of a database record down to any specific segment occurrence.

Correct Option: D

Which one of the following status code indicates a duplicate insertion of a segment in IMS

  1. II

  2. AI

  3. IX

  4. AJ

Correct Option: A

The process to assemble and link edit the macro instructions that specify an application programs view of one or more databases is called.





Correct Option: B

What are the characteristics of Database Management Systems?

  1. Non-redundancy

  2. Data Independence

  3. Increased Security

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: D

For which database object can a lock be obtained?

  1. a database directory

  2. a database tablespace

  3. a database bufferpool

  4. a database column

Correct Option: B

Which system catalog table in DB2 can be used to determine when a bind operation was performed on a given package?





Correct Option: B

How many rows can be retrieved using a SELECT INTO statement in an application?

  1. none

  2. 1

  3. 2

  4. unlimited

Correct Option: B

A set of .NET 3.0 based technologies for quickly building workflow enabled applications is

  1. WWF

  2. WCF

  3. WPF

  4. WF

Correct Option: D
  1. alert log file

  2. control file

  3. trace file

  4. snapshot file

Correct Option: B

Functions and Procedures are different in which aspect ?

  1. Procedures do not return values

  2. Functions do not return values

  3. Procedure always return values

  4. None of these.

Correct Option: A

Oracle database can use "N" types of segments ; The value of "N" =

  1. 2

  2. 3

  3. 4

  4. 5

Correct Option: C

Casting from reference type to value or vice versa is called as

  1. Casting/Uncasting

  2. Boxing/Unboxing

  3. Packing/Unpacking

  4. Stack & Heap Conversion

Correct Option: B

WinFx is/was the code name for which version of .Net Framework?

  1. 2

  2. 3

  3. 3.5

  4. 4

Correct Option: B

Microsoft's implementation of AJAX for ASP.Net was called

  1. Windows Presentation Foundation

  2. ATLAS

  3. WinFx

  4. Avalon

Correct Option: B

In Oracle 9i, maximum number of different DB Block Size you can specify -

  1. 3

  2. 4

  3. 5

  4. 6

Correct Option: C

How does one acquire the object implementing RequestDispatcher interface?

  1. Using getRequestDispatcher() method of RequestDispatcher interface

  2. Using getRequestDispatcher() method of ServletContext interface

  3. Using getDispatcher() method of RequestDispatcher interface

  4. Using getDispatcher() method of ServletContext interface

Correct Option: B

Which of the following aren't the methods for state/session management in the context of Servlets?

  1. Rewritten URLs

  2. Hidden Variables

  3. Using HttpSession Interface

  4. HTTP Redirects

Correct Option: A
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