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Which of the following design patterns reduces the coupling between presentation-tier clients and business services in a web application?

  1. Value Objects

  2. MVC

  3. Data Access Object

  4. Business Delegate

Correct Option: D

Which of the following statements regarding GET and POST methods are true?

  1. GET is the method commonly used to request a resource from the server

  2. POST is the method commonly used to request a resource from the server.

  3. GET is the method commonly used for passing user input to the server

  4. POST is the method commonly used for passing user input to the server

Correct Option: A

if(check4Biz(storeNum) != null) {} Referring to the above, what datatype could be returned by method check4Biz()?

  1. boolean

  2. int

  3. String

  4. char

Correct Option: C

The following expression……….char c = -1;

  1. will cause a compiler error as the range of character is between 0 and 2^16 - 1. Will request for an explicit cast.

  2. will not cause a compiler error and c will have the value -1;

  3. c will not represent any ASCII character.

  4. c will still be a Unicode character.

Correct Option: A

All the wrapper classes (Integer, Boolean, Float, Short, Long, Double and Character)

  1. are public

  2. are serializable

  3. are immutatable

  4. extend java.lang.Number

Correct Option: C

Two important files which restrict crontab function/operations

  1. cronallow.ksh and crondeny.ksh

  2. cronallow.sh and crondeny.sh

  3. cron_allow AND cron_deny

  4. cron.allow AND cron.deny

Correct Option: D
  1. SELECT col1 INTO :hv from table1



  4. IMMEDIATE SELECT col1 INTO :hv FROM table1

Correct Option: B

What is the difference between a TextArea and a TextField?

  1. A TextArea can handle multiple lines of text

  2. A textarea can be used for output

  3. TextArea is not a class

  4. TextAreas are used for displaying graphics

Correct Option: A

How many statements does the program below contain? proc sql; select grapes,oranges, grapes + oranges as sumsales from sales.produce order by sumsales;

  1. two

  2. three

  3. four

  4. five

Correct Option: A

Which of the following statements is false wrt Improving Query Performance.

  1. Omitting the ORDER BY clause when you create tables and views improve the query performance.

  2. using joins instead of subqueries improve the query performance.

  3. A good practice to improve query performance is using WHERE expressions to limit the size of result tables created with joins.

  4. Must use the ORDER BY clause when you create tables and views.

Correct Option: D

The RESET statement enables you to add, drop, or change the options in PROC SQL without restarting the procedure.True or False?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Which of the following correctly creates a macro variable in a PROC SQL step?

  1. call symput(daily_fee, put(fee/days, dollar8.);

  2. %let daily_fee=put(fee/days, dollar8.)

  3. select fee/days format=dollar8. into :daily_fee from sasuser.a

  4. select fee/days format=dollar8. into daily_fee from sasuser.all;

Correct Option: C

What option is used with PROC FORMAT to document the formats in a particular format catalog?





Correct Option: D

Which statement about using the MODIFY statement in a DATA step is true?

  1. MODIFY creates a second copy of the data while variables in the data are being matched with a WHERE clause and then deletes the second copy.

  2. You cannot modify the descriptor portion of the data set using the MODIFY statement

  3. You can use the MODIFY statement to change the name of a variable.

  4. If the system terminates abnormally while a DATA step that is using the WHERE statement is processing, SAS automatically saves a copy of the unaltered data set.

Correct Option: B

Which statements about JDBC are true?

  1. JDBC is an API to connect to relational-, object- and XML data sources

  2. JDBC stands for Java DataBase Connectivity

  3. JDBC is an API to access relational databases, spreadsheets and flat files

  4. JDBC is an API to bridge the object-relational mismatch between OO programs and relational

Correct Option: B,C

Which packages contain the JDBC classes?

  1. java.jdbc and javax.jdbc

  2. java.jdbc and java.jdbc.sql

  3. java.sql and javax.sql

  4. java.rdb and javax.rdb

Correct Option: C
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