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  1. alter database archivelog;

  2. alter database open resetlogs;

  3. alter database mount exclusive

  4. alter system archive log all

Correct Option: B

Assume the database administrator wanted to limit the amount of idle time that any one user could have during a given session. Which of the following would be used to enforce such a limit?

  1. audit

  2. quota

  3. limit

  4. profile

Correct Option: D

Which command will cause an automatic commit to occur?






Correct Option: B

Which Oracle background process is responsible for coalescing free space?

  1. PMON

  2. SMON

  3. ARCH

  4. LGWR

Correct Option: B
  1. Defers writes for I/O optimization

  2. Uses a LRU algorithm to keep most recently used blocks in memory

  3. Writes to database redo log files as people COMMIT data

  4. Writes all changed (i.e. dirty) buffers to datafiles

Correct Option: C

Which statement about the LGWR is false?

  1. There is only one redo log writer per instance

  2. A commit confirmation may be issued before a transaction has been recorded in the redo log file

  3. During long transactions Oracle can flush data to the redo logs before it is committed

  4. An Oracle instance cannot survive without a redo log writer

Correct Option: B
  1. Initialization

  2. Start of Selection.

  3. At Selection-screen output

  4. At Selection-screen.

Correct Option: B

Which event will trigger if program finds STOP statement

  1. Start-of- selection

  2. top-of -page

  3. End-of- Selection.

  4. End- of- page

Correct Option: C
  1. AT LAST

  2. AT TOP

  3. AT NEW OF

  4. AT END

Correct Option: A
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