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programming languages Online Quiz - 163

Description: programming languages Online Quiz - 163
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  1. Are a part of XML Structure

  2. Are mandatory in XSD

  3. Are Used in Inline and External XSD

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: C

An Empty element is a

  1. Complex Content

  2. Simpel Content

  3. Hybrid Content

  4. Pre-Defined Content

Correct Option: A

Where can you add the PI’s?

  1. In XMl Declaration

  2. As an Attribute of Root Element

  3. In the ATTLIST

  4. In DTD

Correct Option: D

The use of a DTD in XML development is

  1. Required when validating XML documents

  2. No longer necessary after the XML editor has been customized

  3. Used to direct conversion using an XSLT processor

  4. A good guide to populating a templates to be filled in when generating an XML document automatically

Correct Option: A

DTD includes the specifications about the markup that can be used within the document, the specifications consists of all EXCEPT

  1. The browser name

  2. The size of element name

  3. Entity declarations

  4. Element declarations

Correct Option: A

Well formed XML document means

  1. It contains a root element

  2. It contain an element

  3. It contains one or more elements

  4. Must contain one or more elements and root element must contain all other elements

Correct Option: B

Which statement is true?

  1. All the statements are true

  2. All XML elements must have a closing tag

  3. All XML elements must be lower case

  4. All XML documents must have a DTD

Correct Option: B

Physical Storage units are defined in XML by





Correct Option: D

XML is a subset of ___________

  1. HTML

  2. WSDL

  3. JSP

  4. SGML

Correct Option: D

Which of the following are true in case of XML

  1. XML Enforces Strict Type Checking

  2. XML are strictly non-extendable

  3. XML replaces the old HTML

  4. XML extends HTML

Correct Option: A

One of the Tag Names cannot hold user information(CDATA).

  1. <0~id>

Correct Option: D

XSD’s are

  1. The ones which replacecs DTD’s

  2. Helps in creating wellformed XML

  3. Enforces Data Types in XML

  4. Can be inline or external

Correct Option: B,C,D

DTD is used to

  1. Create a template of the XML hierachy

  2. Validate the XML

  3. Ensures Well Formed XML’s creation

  4. Format the XML

Correct Option: A,B,C

Identify the Markup Languages

  1. XML

  2. SGML

  3. HTTP

  4. DCF GML

Correct Option: A,B,C,D

Stylesheets are

  1. A way of doing transformations in XML

  2. Used to change the layout of the XML

  3. Used to induce HTMl effects in XML

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: A,B

Pick the true ones from the options

  1. All Valid SGML Documents are Valid XML Documents

  2. XML Can Contain HTML tags

  3. XML is less Complex than SGML

  4. XML can be extended using Optional SGML Extras

Correct Option: C,D

Which of the following are true?

  1. Tags in XML cannot contain spaces in them.

  2. Tag Names can start with a character (A-Z) or an _(Underscore)

  3. Tag Names starting with Underscore cannot have another Underscore in them.

  4. Tag Names cannot start with an Underscore

Correct Option: A,B,C

You are required to represent the employees at a company in Java code. The employees are categorized according to their position and salary. You also need to be able to change the state of an employee due to a promotion. How could you represent this?

  1. Create a Salary object

  2. Declare an Employee class

  3. Declare an instance of the Employee class called Promotion

  4. Declare a promotion method that changes the value of the position variable

  5. Define variables for position and salary

Correct Option: B,D,E

Which class creates a mutable string that can be used by multiple threads?

  1. String

  2. StringBuffer

  3. StringBuilder

  4. none

Correct Option: B

Which command compiles a Java application named FirstApp?

  1. javac FirstApp

  2. javac FirstApp.java

  3. java FirstApp

  4. java FirstApp.class

Correct Option: B
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