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What is/are purpose(s) of XML Schema?

  1. Document Generation

  2. Code Generation

  3. Both 1 and 2

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: C

What is the first line in an XML Schema?

Correct Option: D

package varargs; public class TestVarargs1 { public static void displayVal(String... str) { for (String strValue : str) { System.out.println("String value............." + strValue); } } public static void displayVal(int... integer) { for (int intValue : integer) { System.out.println("Integer value............." + intValue); } } public static void main(String[] args) { displayVal(); } }

  1. String value.............null

  2. Exception

  3. Compiler Error

  4. Integer value.............0

Correct Option: C

data new; x = '1000'; y= x * .10; run; What is the result?

  1. y = '100'

  2. y = 100 and a NOTE is written in the SAS log saying that character value has been converted to numeric value

  3. y = 100 and no NOTE is written in the SAS log

  4. Program does not execute due to Syntax Errors

Correct Option: B

proc print data=sales; run; options ? proc means data=sales; run; Which option statement has to be used to reset the page number to 3 for the second report?

  1. options reset pagenum=3;

  2. options reset pageno=3;

  3. options pageno=3;

  4. options pagenum=3;

Correct Option: C

data quote; infile datalines dlm=','; input x y$; datalines; 10,"100" ; run; What will be the output?

  1. x y {10 }

  2. Syntax Error due to the double quotes

  3. x y { 10 "100" }

  4. x y { 10 100 }

Correct Option: C

data count; array x{3} (1,2,3); run; What is the result?

  1. No observations.No variables

  2. variable x is created with 3 observations with values 1,2 and 3

  3. Array should be given a name during initialization.Syntax Error

  4. The variables x1 , x2 and x3 are created with the values 1, 2 and 3

Correct Option: D

The output required from proc means is min, max and nmiss.Also the decimal values should be aligned to 2 digits.Which proc statement satisfies the requirement

  1. proc means; ( min max nmiss maxdec=2);

  2. proc means; var x /min max nmiss maxdec=2;

  3. proc means min max nmiss maxdec=2;

  4. proc means; var x ( min max nmiss maxdec=2);

Correct Option: C

The option available for displaying proc freq for getting a cross tabulation of the fields product and region is

  1. tables product/region;

  2. tables product * region;

  3. tables product,region;

  4. tables product region;

Correct Option: B

which of the following proc statement can be used to delete all the SAS datasets present in the library MyWork

  1. proc datasets lib=Mywork kill ;run;

  2. proc datasets lib=Mywork delete ;run;

  3. proc datasets; lib=Mywork delete ;run;

  4. proc datasets lib=Mywork erase ;run;

Correct Option: A

proc format; value num 1-6 = 'High' 6-10= 'Low'; run;

  1. Format is not created

  2. Format is created with the name of num

  3. ERROR: These two ranges overlap: 1-6 and 6-10 (fuzz=1E-12).

  4. Syntax Error

Correct Option: B
  1. No observations in dataset y

  2. variable a in dataset y will be numeric and of length 8

  3. variable a in dataset y will be character and of length 12

  4. Error since the variable a is defined as both character and numeric

Correct Option: D

There are 2 datasets sales and income.Sales has a variable pno and income has a variable product.Both are same.The third dataset has to be formed by merging sales and income that has the same products.Which is the correct option?

  1. data new;set income(in=IN_A rename=( product = pno)) sales(in=in_b); if IN_A and IN_B;run;

  2. data new;merge income(in=IN_A) (rename( product = pno)) sales(in=IN_B);run;

  3. data new;merge income(in=IN_A) (rename=( product = pno)) sales(in=IN_B);if IN_A and IN_B;run;

  4. data new;merge income(in=IN_A rename=( product = pno)) sales(in=in_b); if IN_A and IN_B;run;

Correct Option: D
  1. proc print data = new N='total';

  2. proc print data = new sum='total';

  3. proc print data = new; sum/ label='total';

  4. proc print data = new sum; label='total';

Correct Option: A

x=intck('week.4','01JAN2010'd,'01FEB2010'd); What is the value of x ?

  1. 0

  2. Syntax Error - week.4

  3. 5

  4. 4

Correct Option: D
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