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  1. Performance Counter

  2. Data reader

  3. web performance counter

  4. Data performance counter

Correct Option: A

Do I need iis to develop a web applcn in asp.net 2.0

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. May be

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B


  1. Personal Hypertext Processor

  2. Hypertext Preprocessor

  3. Personal Home Page

  4. Private Home Page

Correct Option: B

What is the first method that is fired during page load?

  1. Prerender()

  2. Init()

  3. Load()

  4. Unload()

Correct Option: B
  1. Java Software Programming

  2. JavaScript Server Program

  3. Java Server Program

  4. Java Server Programming

Correct Option: D


  1. All Standard Pages

  2. Advanc Server Page

  3. Active Standard Pages

  4. Active Server Pages

Correct Option: D

What namespace does the webpage belong in the .net framework class hierarchy?

  1. System.web.control

  2. System.web.rootbuilder

  3. System.web.Usercontrol

  4. System.web.UIPage

Correct Option: D


  1. eXtensible Markup Language

  2. Example Markup Language

  3. X-Markup Language

  4. eXtra Modern Link

Correct Option: A


  1. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

  2. Asynchronous Java and XML

  3. All JavaScript and XML

  4. Asynchronous JavaScript and HTML

Correct Option: A

What data types do range validator support?

  1. Int, string ,date

  2. Int, string ,float

  3. Int, string, bool

  4. Decimal, string, date

Correct Option: A


  1. Operational Oriented Programming

  2. Object Operational Programming

  3. Object Oriented Proffesional Programming

  4. Object Oriented Programming

Correct Option: D

----- is the Microsoft iis server running, handling asp.net requests among other things?

  1. aspnet_isapi.dll

  2. aspnet_wp.exe

  3. Inetinfo.exe

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: C
  1. Control Business-Oriented Language

  2. Common Business-Object Language

  3. Control Business-Object Language

  4. Common Business-Oriented Language

Correct Option: D
  1. Fortran Translator

  2. Formula Transfer

  3. Formula Translation/Translator

  4. Fortran Transistor

Correct Option: C


  1. Physics Automatic Sequence Calculator

  2. Physics Auto Secondary Calculator

  3. Physics Auto Sequence Calculator

  4. Philips Automatic Sequence Calculator

Correct Option: D


  1. Virtual Binary Language

  2. Video Basic

  3. Visual Basic

  4. Virtual Basic

Correct Option: C


  1. Beginners All-pupose Symbolic Instruction Code

  2. Biometric Advanced-pupose Symbolic Itensive Code

  3. Biometric Advanced-pupose Symbolic Instruction Code

  4. Biometric All-pupose Symbolic Instruction Code

Correct Option: A
  1. Large Progressive Proffesional

  2. List Processing Programming

  3. Large Processing Programming

  4. List Progressive Programming

Correct Option: B


  1. Standard Generation Markup Language.

  2. Software Generalized Markup Language

  3. Standard Generalized Markup Language.

  4. Software Generation Markup Language

Correct Option: C


  1. Practical Extraction and Recovery Language

  2. Proffesional Extraction and Recovery Language

  3. Proffesional Extraction and Report Language

  4. Practical Extraction and Report Language

Correct Option: D
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