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  1. StriNgent Object symBOlic Language

  2. Software Object symBOlic Language

  3. Software Oriented symBOlic Language

  4. StriNgent Oriented symBOlic Language

Correct Option: D

You create 4 forms FormA, FormB, FormC and FormD. You want to allow users to open FormA, FormB and FormC at the same time within FormD. Which properties do you need to set?

  1. IsMdiChild on Forms A,B and C; and IsMdiParent on FormD.

  2. MdiParent on Forms A,B and C; and IsMdiContainer on FormD.

  3. IsMdiChild on Forms A,B and C; and IsMdiContainer on FormD.

  4. MdiParent on Forms A,B and C; and IsMdiParent on FormD.

Correct Option: B

You want to create custom properties for your control, which the user can set using the Properties window of the Visual Studio IDE. What attribute can you use to control the visibility of the properties in the Properties window in the Visual Studio IDE?

  1. DebuggerBrowsable

  2. ComVisible

  3. Browsable

  4. DisplayBrowsable

Correct Option: C

You have added a button named Bt1 to your form, whose Text is “Go”. You want to assign a shortcut to the button, so that whenever a user presses ALT+G, the Click event of the button Bt1 is raised. What code should you use?

  1. Bt1.Text = @”Go”;

  2. Bt1.Text = “&Go”;

  3. Bt1.Text = “&&Go”;

  4. Bt1.Text = “@Go”;

Correct Option: B

You are creating a setup and deployment project for your application . You want to ensure that the .NET Framework 2.0 is installed on the computers of the users who want to install your application. Which deployment editor should you use?

  1. Registry Editor

  2. Launch Conditions Editor

  3. File System Editor

  4. Required Components Editor

Correct Option: B

You use a TransactionScope in your application in your application in order to use transaction semantics. What code should you use in order to commit the transaction within the transaction scope?

  1. TransactionScope.Completed = true;

  2. TransactionScope.IsCompleted = true;

  3. TransactionScope.Complete();

  4. TransactionScope.Commit();

Correct Option: C

You decide to use named parameters in a SqlCommand object in order to execute SQL queries on a database. You have a parameter named “CustomerName”. How do you refer to it within the SQL query text in the SqlCommand object?

  1. “?CustomerName”

  2. “@CustomerName”

  3. “%CustomerName”

  4. “#CustomerName”

Correct Option: B

You have a .xml file, and the corresponding .xsd. Which class should you use to validate the xml against the corresponding schema file?

  1. XmlValidatingReader

  2. XmlDictionaryReader

  3. XmlReader

  4. XmlSchemaReader

Correct Option: C
  1. Create a Setup Application

  2. Use XCOPY to copy the files

  3. Create a CAB project

  4. Use ClickOnce.

Correct Option: A

You want to create a reusable control by combining existing Windows Controls in order to use it in various of your applications. What should the base class of your control be?

  1. System.Windows.Forms.UserControl

  2. System.Windows.Forms.Control

  3. System.Windows.Forms.WindowsControl

  4. System.Windows.Forms.Component

Correct Option: A

You want to access web sites on the internet using HTTP. Which of the classes below can you use?

  1. System.Net.HttpClient

  2. System.Net.WebClient

  3. Sytem.Net.InetClient

  4. Sytem.Net.SoapClient

Correct Option: B
  1. To store the global information and variable definitions for the application

  2. Configures the time that the server-side codebehind module is called

  3. To configure the web server

  4. To configure the web browser

Correct Option: A

After capturing the SelectedIndexChanged event for a ListBox control, you find that the event handler doesn’t execute. What could the problem be ?

  1. The AutoEventWireup attribute is set to False

  2. The AutomaticPostBack attribute is set to False

  3. The codebehind module is not properly compiled

  4. The ListBox must be defined WithEvents

Correct Option: B
  1. The event registration

  2. A protected class member for the control

  3. A default event handler for the click event

  4. A default class that inherits from the control’s base class

Correct Option: C

What attribute must be set on a validator control for the validation to work ?

  1. Validate

  2. ValidateControl

  3. ControlToBind

  4. ControlToValidate

Correct Option: D
  1. The Paint() method

  2. The Control_Build() method

  3. The Render() method

  4. The default constructor

Correct Option: C

The ASP.NET directive that lets you cache different versions of a page based on varying input parameters, HTTP headers and browser type is

  1. @OutputCache

  2. @CacheOutput

  3. @PageCache

  4. @CacheAll

Correct Option: A

What method(s) must be used with the Application object to ensure that only one process accesses a variable at a time ?

  1. Synchronize()

  2. Lock() and UnLock()

  3. Lock()

  4. Asynchroize()

Correct Option: B
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