Java Programming Language Quiz - 2

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  1. null

  2. 43

  3. x 2

  4. print()

Correct Option: C

It's a compound expression consisting of simple expression x (variable name), the addition operator ( ), and simple expression 2 (a 32-bit integer literal).

  1. \f

  2. \u

  3. \"

  4. \\

Correct Option: B

\u must be followed by four hexadecimal digits and is then known as a Unicode escape sequence.

  1. Short integer to character

  2. Integer to long integer

  3. Floating-point to double precision floating-point

  4. Character to floating-point

Correct Option: A

The ?: operator is an example of which kind of operator?

  1. Binary

  2. Prefix

  3. Postfix

  4. Infix

Correct Option: D

You read the following statement in a Java program that compiles and executes.


What can you say for sure?

  1. depth must be an int

  2. dive must be a method.

  3. dive must be the name of an instance field.

  4. submarine must be the name of a class

  5. submarine must be a method.

Correct Option: B

Given the following class definition, which of the following methods could be legally placed after the comment //Here public class Rid{ public void amethod(int i, String s){} //Here }

  1. public void amethod(int s, String i){}

  2. public void Amethod(int i, String s) {}

  3. public void amethod(int i, String mystring){}

  4. None of the above

  5. public int amethod(int i, String s){}

Correct Option: B
  1. Strings are a primitive type in Java and the StringBuffer is used as the matching wrapper type

  2. The size of a string can be retrieved using the length property.

  3. Strings are a primitive type in Java that overloads the + operator for concatenation

  4. The String class is implemented as a char array, elements are addressed using the stringname[] convention

Correct Option: C
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