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programming languages Online Quiz - 46

Description: programming languages Online Quiz - 46
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You are planning to use Calculated Key Figures. Which of the following statements are true? i) Calculated Key Figures can be stored at Infoprovider level. ii) Calculated Key Figures can be stored in the PSA iii) Calculated Key Figures can be stored at Query level iv) Calculated Key Figures stored at Query level can be reused

  1. i

  2. iv

  3. iii

  4. a & d

  5. a,b,d

Answer: 4

What is the transaction-code for viewing batch-runs of a program?

  1. SE37

  2. SM37

  3. SM35

  4. SM30

Answer: 2

You can create query on which of the following? i) DSO ii) Infocube iii) Multiprovider iv) Virtual Provider

  1. i

  2. ii

  3. ii & iii

  4. I & iii

Answer: 3

Sub query usually more efficient because:

  1. data is filtered in the database

  2. data is filtered on the network

  3. data is filtered in the sapgui

  4. data is filtered at the application server

Answer: 1

What is the basic object of data Dictionary

  1. Domains

  2. Documentation

  3. Data Models

  4. Dynpro

Answer: 1

Full Buffering would be appropriate for

  1. Transaction Tables

  2. Small Static tables

  3. Internal Tables

  4. Tables with generic Keys

Answer: 2

You are creating a report to summarize the number of cars sold by region. Which object should you use to aggregate the number of cars sold?

  1. Detail

  2. Measure

  3. Dimension

  4. Sum

Answer: 2

Search help can not be attach to:

  1. Domain

  2. field of a table

  3. check table

  4. Type

Answer: 4

Which operators can be used in an Input calculation context? i)Input ii)ForAll iii)ForEach iv)In

  1. i

  2. iii

  3. iv

  4. b & c

Answer: 4

A company is designing a new application to track the materials used by their construction firm on a large industrial construction project. They want their suppliers to be able to see what materials the company needs for a competitive bid process. As the architect for the Service Oriented Architecture, why would a developer use UDDI?

  1. It defines the Web services as a resource.

  2. It defines a stateful behavior for the participating Web services.

  3. It provides a location where services can be dynamically discovered.

  4. It defines a stateless behavior for the participating Web services.

  5. It decouples the Web service from its implementation.

Answer: 3

A document-style service defines a document passed to the Web service using xsd:anyType in the WSDL file that describes the service. How should the document be typed in Java

  1. use javax.xml.soap.Element

  2. use javax.xml.soap.Node

  3. use javax.xml.soap.SOAPHeader

  4. use javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement

  5. use javax.xml.soap.SOAPFault

  6. use javax.xml.soap.SOAPBodyElement

Answer: 4

A Web service needs to validate the credit rating for a loan. The service requires a social security number, full name, and date of birth as input and returns one of many possible documents. Which statement is true?

  1. The developer must use an EJB-based endpoint.

  2. The developer must use a procedure-style Web service.

  3. The developer must use a document-style Web service.

  4. The developer can use a procedure-style or document-style Web service.

Answer: 4

A client sends a required SOAP header as a SOAP message. The server-side process determines that information in the header is invalid and generates a SOAP fault. What is the appropriate fault code for this type of SOAP fault?

  1. Client

  2. Server

  3. MustUnderstand

  4. VersionMismatch

  5. HeaderError

  6. InvalidHeader

Answer: 1

A developer has a requirement to expose a Web service interface to an existing order processing system. The order processing system is quite old and the company has doubts about its compatibility with newer technologies. What is the appropriate design?

  1. only a new interaction layer

  2. only a new processing layer

  3. a new interaction layer and a new processing layer

  4. a new interaction layer and a facade processing layer that uses the existing order processing system

  5. a new processing layer and a facade interaction layer that uses the existing order processing system

Answer: 4

SQL stands for

  1. Storage Query Language

  2. Structured Query Language

  3. Storage Queuing Language

  4. Standard Query Language

Answer: 2

Which of the following SQL command represent character data type?

  1. CHAR



  4. All the Above

Answer: 4

The database programming language which is used for retrieving data and updating data on a database is called

  1. Structured database Language

  2. Structured programming Language

  3. Structured Query Analyzer

  4. Structured Query Language

Answer: 4

Which of the following is TRUE about subqueries in SQL?

  1. Sub queries must be enclosed in parenthesis

  2. BETWEEN cannot be used with a sub query

  3. Both A. and B.

  4. None of the Above

Answer: 3

SQL is a

  1. Non- procedural language

  2. Procedural language

  3. Database Language

  4. Both A. and C.

Answer: 4

Which of the following is TRUE about Views in SQL?

  1. Views are windows of existing table

  2. Creation of view is done by using CREATE VIEW statement

  3. Views do not contain data but table from which it is created contain data

  4. All the Above

Answer: 4
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