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platforms and products Online Quiz - 94

Description: platforms and products Online Quiz - 94
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Sequences are accessed using

  1. Prevval

  2. Currval

  3. Newval

  4. Lastval

Correct Option: B

How can we create TYPE1 mappings?

  1. Using slowly changing dimension wizard

  2. Manually

  3. Both

  4. None of these

Correct Option: C

Table comparision transformation produces the following type of record types

  1. Insert,Update,Delete,Normal

  2. Insert,Update,Normal

  3. Insert,Update,Delete

  4. Insert,Update,Delete,Reduce

Correct Option: A

Which transformation is used to evaluate expressions

  1. SQL

  2. Pivot

  3. Query

  4. Case

Correct Option: C

Data Transfer is used to delete data and insert data into a table

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Merge transformation produces default group

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Which of the following is used to validate data

  1. SQl

  2. Query

  3. Case

  4. Validation

Correct Option: C,D

In and Activity, when should step page names be specified

  1. Always

  2. When the context of the current step differs from the activity context

  3. Only when referencing Page List or Page Group properties

  4. Never

Correct Option: B

Which of the below forms contain fields that must be used to enable Rule Check-in?

  1. Application Rule

  2. Ruleset Name

  3. Ruleset Version

  4. Operator ID

Correct Option: B,D

Ruleset prerequisites are used to assemble a user's runtime RuleSet profile list

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Rule Resolution searches for the most appropriate rule instance to apply at runtime. Which criteria are used during this process?

  1. The last update date

  2. The operators RuleSet list

  3. A rule name

  4. the Short Description

  5. A Circumstance Value

Correct Option: B,C,E

which statements are true concerning Connector Activities?

  1. They reference a connector rule.

  2. They may be called in a flow by an integrator shape

  3. They always use Stream rules

  4. They should be created in the same Data- class that contains the connector rule

Correct Option: A,B

The RuleSets searched first by Rule Resolution are those maintained in what area of an Application rule?

  1. Application Rulesets

  2. Available Production Rulesets, if also referenced in the associated Access group

  3. Component and Shared RuleSets

  4. The Rulesets referenced in the Build On application

Correct Option: B

Ruleset prerequisites are configured _________.

  1. In Ruleset Version rules

  2. In Application rules

  3. In Ruleset Name rules

  4. In Access Group Instances

Correct Option: A

Router, Notify and Utility SmartShapes reference which rule type?

  1. Flow Action

  2. Activity

  3. Flow

  4. Model

Correct Option: B

After dragging a Repeat Row control onto a section rule, which of the following fields must be completed to define the property source?

  1. HTML Property rule

  2. Page List or Page Group Property

  3. Class of the pages corresponding to the Page List or Page Group Property

  4. The literal value "Data-"

Correct Option: B,C

Which of the following rules contains the Auto-Generate HTML feature

  1. Gadget

  2. Section

  3. HTML Property

  4. HTML Fragment

Correct Option: B

Properties are defined as rules and they _____.

  1. are not associated with a class

  2. can be overridden in different Rulesets

  3. cannot be overrridden by properties of the same name

  4. are subject to rule resolution

Correct Option: B,D

When configuring a runtime Ruleset profile for a user, what is the recommended top to bottom Ruleset order?

  1. from specific to general

  2. alphabetical

  3. chronological

  4. from general to specific

Correct Option: A

Which methods can be used to add a property to a Section rule?

  1. Update the HTML property rule associated with the Property

  2. Drag the Label control into the section and choose the property

  3. Drag the Input Box, Radio Button, or other Property-related control into the section and choose the Property.

  4. Drag the Property from the Application Explorer into the Section

Correct Option: C,D
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