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Which of the following are keyless partitioning methods?

  1. Entire

  2. Round Robin

  3. Random

  4. Hash

  5. Modulus

Correct Option: A,B,C
  1. Set APT_JOB_REPORT to True

  2. Set APT_DUMP_SCORE to True

  3. Set APT_MONITOR_SIZE to true

  4. Set APT_RECORD_COUNTS to true

Correct Option: B

The Datastage JobMon daemon --------

  1. Writes the job’s OSH script to the job log

  2. Automatically sets all environmental variables

  3. Graceful shutdown of datastage engine

  4. Provides a snapshot of a job’s performance

Correct Option: D

Which sort stage option can be selected to sort a dataset to retain a single occurance of multiple records that have identical sorting key values?

  1. Unique sort keys must be set to True

  2. Allow Duplicates must be set to False

  3. Sort Group must include the sort key values

  4. Stable sort must be set to true

Correct Option: B
  1. Environmental variable APT_AUTO_TRANSPORT_SIZE

  2. Environmental variable APT_SORT_MEMORY_SIZE

  3. Sort stage Restrict memory usage property

  4. Sort stage Max memory limit property

Correct Option: C

You need to read data from three oracle tables that store sales data from three regions to load into a single oracle table. These three tables are having the same table definitions and the only difference is that each table contains data for a particular region. Which of the following will do the required task?

  1. Create a task with single oracle enterprise stage that executes a custom SQL statement with FETCH ALL, that outputs to an Oracle enterprise stage.

  2. Create a job with three Oracle Enterprise stages to read from the tables and output to a collector stage which in turn outputs the data to an Oracle Enterprise stage.

  3. Create a job with a single Oracle Enterprise stage that executes a custom SQL statement with UNION ALL that outputs the data to an oracle enterprise stage.

  4. Create a job with three Oracle Enterprise stages to read from the tables and output to a Funnel stage which in turn outputs the data to an oracle enterprise stage.

Correct Option: C,D

How could repetition element identified on an XML input stage, which is processing an XML file?

  1. Auto detect by XML stage.

  2. Check the "Repetition Element Required" box on the output link tab.

  3. Set the key property for the column on the output link to 'Yes'

  4. Set the 'Nullable' property for the column on the output link to 'Yes'

Correct Option: C

What can be used to derive values for the column 'JobName' that is to contain the name of the job that is running.

  1. Datastaage function

  2. Datastage Macro

  3. A system variable

  4. a link variable

Correct Option: B

Which of the following is true to abort a job from within the Transformer stage?

  1. Call the DSLoggFatal function from a stage variable derivation

  2. Call the DSStopJob function from a stage or column derivation

  3. Use the SETENV function to set the environmental variable APT_PM_KILL_NOWAIT

  4. Create a dummy output link with a constraint that tests for the condition to abort on; set the 'Abort After rows' property to 1

Correct Option: D

--------------- controls the display of performance statistics in Designer?





Correct Option: A

The uv command in a UNIX datastage server is used to --------?

  1. Cleanup resources from a failed datastage job

  2. Start and stop datastage engine.

  3. Provide read access to Datastage configuration file.

  4. Report datastage client connections.

Correct Option: B

A MQ reason code 2035 indicates

  1. Queue Manger Not available

  2. Queue Not Available

  3. Security Error

  4. Invalid options specified in a call to connect to queue manager

Correct Option: C

What command is used to set authorisation permission for user Id's on MQ objects

  1. dmpmqaut

  2. runmqsc

  3. setmqaut

  4. defmqaut

Correct Option: C

To retrieve a message from a queue as a JMS Text message, what should be the value MQMD Format?

  1. TEXT


  3. MQSTR


Correct Option: C

What does MQ reason code 2085 indicate?

  1. Queue Not available

  2. Security Error

  3. Queue Manager Not Available

  4. 2085 is not a valid return code

Correct Option: A

When defining a connection factory for a JNDI binding the default value for Transport is:

  1. Client

  2. Bindings

  3. No default. The transport has to be defined explicitly

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

What utility can be used to see the description for a particular reason code?

  1. runmqsc

  2. mqrc

  3. rfhutil

  4. jmsadmin

Correct Option: B

The sample program amqsbcg is used for :

  1. purge queue

  2. put messages to a queue

  3. get messages from a queue

  4. browse messages in the queue

Correct Option: D
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