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platforms and products Online Quiz - 78

Description: platforms and products Online Quiz - 78
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What does MQ Reason Code 2033 specify?

  1. No Message Available

  2. Message too big for Queue Manager

  3. Queue not open for browse

  4. Object is in use

Answer: 1

Which of this is true about an MQCLOSE call?

  1. Closes all connections up to the Queue Manager

  2. Closes a Queue opened for Input or Output

  3. Commits the unit of work

  4. Restores Queue to the state it was before the application program was invoked

Answer: 1

Which of this is not one of the parameters used for MQCMIT API?

  1. Connection Handle

  2. Object Handle

  3. Reason Code

  4. Completion Code

Answer: 2

Which of this is the not the input parameter for MQGET API?

  1. Object Handle

  2. Size of the buffer assigned to hold the message

  3. Length of application data in message

  4. Connection Handle

Answer: 3

Which calls are not mandatory to be executed before an MQPUT call has to be executed?




  4. MQPUT1

Answer: 2,4

MQOPEN call is mandatory before an MQPUT1 call.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: 2

Which of these is not an MQ API(Application Programming Interface)?

  1. MQSET


  3. MQGET1


Answer: 3

Which of this is not a type of MQ Queue?

  1. Local Queue

  2. Remote Queue

  3. Alias Queue

  4. Global Queue

Answer: 4

Which of these is not true about Queue Manager?

  1. Manages Queue Manager Objects

  2. Stores Message

  3. Transfers message over the network

  4. Provides Application Programming Interface

Answer: 2

What is Semantic layer between Database and Reports is Called?

  1. Country

  2. World

  3. Universe

  4. Galaxy

Answer: 3

Central Management Server can be STOPPED from which Tool?

  1. CMC

  2. Universe

  3. Import Wizard

  4. CCM

Answer: 4

Which tool is used to View reports through Web?

  1. Infoview

  2. Universe

  3. CMC

  4. Publications

Answer: 1

Which company has acquired Business Objects?

  1. Oracle

  2. SAP

  3. IBM

  4. Microsoft

Answer: 2

Which Tool is used for migrating from older version of Business Objects to BO XI?

  1. Web Inteligence

  2. Import Wizard

  3. CMC

  4. CMS

Answer: 2

The interface com.bluemartini.dna.Callback contains only single method that has to be implemented. Select the method signature

  1. public DNAList init(DNA dnaIn) throws BMException;

  2. public DNAList execute(DNAList dnaIn) throws BMException;

  3. public DNA execute(DNA dnaIn) throws BMException;

  4. public DNA start(DNAList dnaIn) throws BMException;

Answer: 2

The business action dictionary,bizact.dna, is stored as a deserialized DNA list

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: 2

Which of the following is not an attribute of data elements?

  1. variantType

  2. domain

  3. process

  4. id

Answer: 3

You can add custom Data elements in Blue Martini by defining only the dnaType attribute

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: 1

What is a access id ?

  1. It’s a Super user with permission to application server administration

  2. A PSFT access id is the Database user id used to connect to the DB

  3. It’s a DB user with DBA access

  4. User with permission to start DB

Answer: 2

What Is a connect id ?

  1. It’s a common user id used during signin

  2. It’s a DB user with DBA access

  3. It’s a Super user with permission to application server administration

  4. Not Related to Peopletools

Answer: 1
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