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Which command allows you to run from command line monitor/browser programs previously created using the monitor/browser GUI.

  1. browser

  2. monbro

  3. autosc

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

What is the configuration file used by sap router?

  1. saprouter.ini

  2. saproute.ini

  3. saprouttab

  4. router.sap

Correct Option: C

How many different clients get installed with a fresh R/3 installation?

  1. One

  2. Two

  3. Three

  4. None

Correct Option: C

What is the name of the brbackup and brarchive parameter file for an Oracle database used by an R/3 Central Instance with SAP System ID PKR?

  1. initPKR.ini

  2. initPKR.ora

  3. initPKR.sap

  4. initPKR.brt

Correct Option: C

Spool Request is created by which Work Process?

  1. Spool Work Process

  2. Dialog work process

  3. Message server

  4. Dispatcher

Correct Option: B




Correct Option: D

Different types of RFC:

  1. Synchronous RFC

  2. Asynchronous and Transaction RFC

  3. Queued RFC

  4. Fast RFC

Correct Option: A,B,C

Total number of clients supported per SAP system

  1. 999

  2. 1000

  3. 994

  4. 10

Correct Option: B

What is the default port used by saprouter?

  1. 3200

  2. 3299

  3. 3600

  4. 50008

Correct Option: B

Which of the following operating system commands may be used to validate profile parameters?

  1. memlimits

  2. sappfchk

  3. sappfpar

  4. ipclimits

Correct Option: C

A 64bit system can have maximum ____________ GB of memory.

  1. 64

  2. 17.2 billion

  3. 128

  4. 16 million

Correct Option: B

Which of the following is not correct about XAML processing in Silverlight?

  1. Silverlight uses a particular implementation of a XAML parser, with that parser being part of the Silverlight core install

  2. The only supported XAML namespace (http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml) constructs in Silverlight are: x:Array, x:Code, x:Type, x:Subclass

  3. In some cases, the parsing behavior differs from the parsing behavior in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), which also has a particular implementation

  4. The only supported xml: construct in Silverlight is xml:lang

Correct Option: B

Which of the following is not true about XAML?

  1. Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) is a declarative XML-based language created by Microsoft

  2. XAML is not case sensitive

  3. XAML is used as a user interface markup language to define UI elements, data binding, eventing, and other features

  4. XAML is used extensively in .NET Framework 3.0 technologies, particularly Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

Correct Option: B

Which of the following is not correct about StoryBoard in Silverlight?

  1. Controls animations with a timeline, and provides object and property targeting information for its child animations

  2. Storyboard is a container for animation objects

  3. We can use the interactive methods of the Storyboard object to start, pause, resume, and stop an animation

  4. We can not nest Storyboard objects within each other

Correct Option: D

To run a Silverlight-based application, users require a small plug-in in their browser.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Silverlight offers the complete functionality provided by Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Which of the following is not part of built-in layout containers in Silverlight?

  1. Canvas

  2. DockPanel

  3. Grid

  4. StackPanel

Correct Option: B

The .NET Framework for Silverlight is a subset of the full .NET Framework

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Which of the following media formats is not supported by Silverlight 3?

  1. MP3

  2. Windows Media Video

  3. Windows Media Voice

  4. MP4

Correct Option: C
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