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Where is the massive black hole located in the milky way galaxy?

  1. there is no black hole

  2. in the center

  3. near earth

  4. next to our sun

Correct Option: B

What can black holes possibly affect?

  1. nothing

  2. the sun

  3. planets

  4. time

Correct Option: D

When do black holes get larger?

  1. they don't

  2. when other stars die near them

  3. when they collide with other black holes

  4. when they get close to other planets

Correct Option: C

What can black holes power be harnessed for?

  1. space travel

  2. time travel

  3. rocket fuel

  4. oil

Correct Option: A

Black holes have the capacity to.......?

  1. destroy the sun

  2. move other stars

  3. distort space

  4. move planets

Correct Option: C

What do black holes do in the sky?

  1. nothing

  2. expand

  3. shrink

  4. spin

Correct Option: D

What shape are black holes?

  1. funneled

  2. cube

  3. spherical

  4. trapezoid

Correct Option: C

What can black holes determine?

  1. nothing

  2. when earth will end

  3. when the sun will die

  4. the number of stars

Correct Option: D

What breaks down at the center of a black hole?

  1. The laws of physics

  2. gravity

  3. matter

  4. everything

Correct Option: A

What type of matter can become a black hole?

  1. none

  2. any in space

  3. any in the atmosphere

  4. any

Correct Option: D

What are two elements that black holes can produce?

  1. iron and carbon

  2. helium and zinc

  3. neon and helium

  4. neon and zinc

Correct Option: A

What can escape the pull of a black hole?

  1. humans

  2. snails

  3. nothing

  4. telescopes

Correct Option: C

Who really first predicted black holes?

  1. Albert Einstein

  2. John Mitchell

  3. tesla

  4. neils bohr

Correct Option: B

When were black holes really first predicted?

  1. 1783

  2. 1679

  3. 1237

  4. 1905

Correct Option: A

What eventually happens to black holes?

  1. they disenegrate

  2. they evaporate

  3. they explode

  4. they never go away

Correct Option: B

How far is the nearest black hole?

  1.  2000 light years

  2. 1573 light years

  3. 1600 light years

  4. 1459 light years

Correct Option: C

How are scientists able to detect black holes?

  1. they can't

  2. guessing

  3. looking at the area around the black hole

  4. by using a special telescope that they send into space

Correct Option: C

What did black holes used to be?

  1. massive stars

  2. small stars

  3. meteors

  4. nebulas

Correct Option: A

What happens to a star if it passes a black hole?

  1. it dies

  2. it becomes torn up

  3. it explodes

  4. it becomes bigger

Correct Option: B

What was the name of the first object considered to be a black hole?

  1. x-spectasy

  2. millified hole

  3.  Cygnus X-1

  4. cypress x-1

Correct Option: C

what will happen if you fall into a black hole?

  1. you will shrink

  2. you will enter another universe

  3. you will die

  4. you will stretch

Correct Option: D

What are the names of the three black hole layers?

  1. Outer, inner, horizon

  2. outer, inner, extend

  3. outer, horizon, extend

  4. inner, extend, horizon

Correct Option: A

How many layers do black holes have?

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 3

  4. 4

Correct Option: C

Who first rumored to discover black holes?

  1. Aage Bohr

  2. Gustav Kirchoff

  3. Albert Einstein 

  4. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

Correct Option: C

What are the three types of black holes?

  1. stellar, super massive, intermediate

  2. super massive, nebula, specticle

  3. gravitational, intermediate, spectacle

  4. gravitational, stellar, nebula

Correct Option: A

What year were black holes thought to be discovered?

  1. 1912

  2. 1916

  3. 1934

  4. 1893

Correct Option: B

Where are black holes located?

  1. in suns

  2. in planets

  3. in moons

  4. in galaxies

Correct Option: D

Has anyone ever seen a black hole?

  1. an astronaut

  2. no one

  3. an astronomer

  4. NASA

Correct Option: B

What do black holes use to pull in lights and stars?

  1. other stars

  2. the moon

  3. gravity

  4. nebulas

Correct Option: C

What is a black hole made from?

  1. dead stars

  2. stars that are to bright

  3. the sun

  4. the moon

Correct Option: A
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