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Which of the following marketing themes aims to increase customer loyalty?

  1. Sales

  2. Image

  3. Goodwill

Correct Option: B

Primary data is more reliable then secondary data because....

  1. it sounds better

  2. collected by another person, ensuring its authenticity

  3. it is collected by the user of the data and not processed

  4. primary data requires less effort to obtain

Correct Option: C

Which is a secondary data source?

  1. survey

  2. observation

  3. experimental

  4. business publications

Correct Option: D

Marketing inspired by a commitment to a social, environmental, or political cause

  1. Foundation

  2. Non-profit

  3. Cause-related marketing

  4. Philanthropist marketing 

Correct Option: C

A promotional mix includes advertising, public relations, personal selling,and sales promotions

  1. TRUE

  2. FALSE

Correct Option: A

What is the promotional mix?

  1. ways used to maximise profits

  2. ways used to recruit staff

  3. ways to communicate with current and potential customers

  4. ways to trade with other countries

Correct Option: C

What's the order of the product life cycle?

  1. Introduction, growth, maturity, decline

  2. Growth, introduction, maturity, decline

  3. Decline, maturity, growth, introduction

  4. Maturity, introduction, growth, decline

Correct Option: A

What are the core leader competencies?

  1. Leads, develops, and achieves

  2. Teamwork, responsibility, and commitment

  3. Motivation, judgement, and decision making

  4. Problem solving, technical skill, and organization

Correct Option: A

Which of the following is a purpose for market research?

  1. Reduces risk of starting up a business.

  2. Allows for targeted marketing.

  3. Improves relations between businesses

  4. Helps identify benefits customers require.

Correct Option: C

Positioning is?

  1. strategy used by company to differentiate its products

  2. uses low pricing to help capture large market

  3. introduces new products at high prices

  4. four stages of a product

Correct Option: A

_______________is the determinant of a person’s wants and behaviors acquired through socialization processes with family

  1. norms

  2. culture

  3. values

  4. needs

Correct Option: B

A ____________________ is the central instrument for directing and coordinating the marketing effort.

  1. marketing plan

  2. data

  3. research plan

  4. survey

Correct Option: A

The three types of Research are exploratory, Causal and ______________.

  1. Formal

  2. field

  3. Descriptive

  4. Random

Correct Option: C

CRM Stands for _______________

  1. Customer Royal Management

  2. Customer Relationship Management

  3. Consumer Relations Manager

  4. Corporate Royal Management

Correct Option: B

Hertzberg proposed following theory of motivation.

  1. two factor

  2. three factor

  3. psychological factor

  4. human factor

Correct Option: A

Reference groups are forms of _________ factors that influence consumers.

  1. personal

  2. Social

  3. geographical

  4. economic

Correct Option: B

Motivational theory of needs was propounded by _______________.

  1. McGregor

  2. Igor

  3. Maslow

  4. herzberg

Correct Option: C

Consumer buying behaviour is affected by Personal, Social and _____________ factors

  1. political

  2. Cultural

  3. virtual

  4. professional

Correct Option: B

4Ps of Marketing are product price place and

  1. promotion

  2. poultry

  3. people

  4. packing

Correct Option: A
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