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india's fastest super computer

  1. os platform 3000 BL

  2. param

  3. druva

  4. cluster platform 3000 BL460c

Correct Option: D

india's first super computer

  1. druva

  2. aaryabhatta

  3. param

  4. bluejene

Correct Option: C

world's second fastest super computer

  1. loadrunner

  2. roadrunner

  3. bluejene/L

  4. jugene

Correct Option: B

world's fastest super computer speed

  1. 890 tflops/s

  2. 974 tflops/s

  3. 1.75 petaflops/s

  4. 1.04 petaflops/s

Correct Option: C

india's fastest super computer speed

  1. 117.9 tflops/s

  2. 0.75 petaflops/s

  3. 75 tflops/sec

  4. 345 tflops/s

Correct Option: A

india's second fastest super computer

  1. param

  2. bluejene/L

  3. druva

  4. arundathi

Correct Option: C

who invented param

  1. vijay bhaskar

  2. bhaskaracharya

  3. aaryabhatta

  4. vijay bhatkar

Correct Option: D

The script can be executed after the job finishes using After-job subroutine. The After-job subroutine is executed in which condition

  1. Only when Job Finishes with out Warnings

  2. Only when Job Finishes with Warnings

  3. Only when Job Aborts

  4. All

Correct Option: D

Parallel Containers can be used in server jobs

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Sparce lookup is mainly used when Data in table doesn't change frequently

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Dataset's descriptor file contain

  1. Dataset Header

  2. Creation Date and Time

  3. Copy of Config file used while creating dataset

  4. Actual data file path

  5. All

Correct Option: E

command to reset the datastage job from out side

  1. dsjob - mode 'RESET'

  2. dsjob -run -mode 'RESET'

  3. dsjob - mode 'SET'

  4. dsjob -run -mode 'SET'

Correct Option: B

AI Explanation

To reset a DataStage job from outside, you can use the following command:

B) dsjob -run -mode 'RESET'


Option B) dsjob -run -mode 'RESET' is the correct answer.

The "dsjob" command is used to perform various operations on DataStage jobs. The "-run" flag is used to run a job, and the "-mode 'RESET'" option is used to reset the job.

By running the command "dsjob -run -mode 'RESET'", you can reset the DataStage job from outside. This will reset the job's status and clear any previous run information, allowing you to start the job fresh.

Therefore, the correct answer is B) dsjob -run -mode 'RESET'.

Option to stop the runnign job from Director

  1. cleanup resources

  2. reset

  3. clear log

  4. clear status file

Correct Option: A

While compiling the parallel routines, the options provided are given in which Environment valriable





Correct Option: C

Activity used to send mail

  1. Notify Activity

  2. Notification Activity

  3. SendMail Activity

  4. Mail Activity

Correct Option: B

Server routines are developed in which language

  1. PERL

  2. BASIC

  3. Shell Script

  4. C++

Correct Option: B

What are diff types objects in BO

  1. Dimension

  2. Measure

  3. Detail

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: D

What is a Universe

  1. Database Layer

  2. Semantic Layer

  3. Schema Layer

  4. View Layer

Correct Option: B

What is a aggregate projection

  1. BO Feature

  2. Universe Feature

  3. DB feature

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: A

Use of Journal search for User ?

  1. List SMTP of users

  2. List all emails with specified details

  3. List all sent emails for users

  4. All are above

Correct Option: B
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