Empowerment of women and other weaker sections

Description: Empowerment of women and other weaker sections
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The poor labouring people began to get addicted to_______.

  1. Drugs

  2. Alcohol

  3. Smoking

Correct Option: B

A street play called_______ by Jyoti Mhapsekar.

  1. Prerak lakari

  2. Stree Mukti Andolon Samiti

  3. Mulgi Jhaali Ho

Correct Option: C

The government of India constituted the committee on the status of women and appointed___as it's chairperson.

  1. Pramila Dandavate

  2. Dr. Phulrenu Guha

  3. Mrinal Gore

Correct Option: B

The United Nations had declared _______as the International Women's Year.

  1. 1971

  2. 1975

  3. 1976

Correct Option: B

Due to ________, they have to deal with extreme sorrow and poverty.

  1. Alcoholism

  2. Disease

Correct Option: A

In ________in Andhra Pradesh, a movement was started against drinking of alcohol.

  1. 1991

  2. 1992

  3. 1993

Correct Option: B

_______ created awareness among the women in Chipko Movement.

  1. Gaura Devi

  2. Mrinal Gore

  3. Pramila Dandavate

Correct Option: A

Women followed the strategy of holding hands and_____each tree.

  1. Cutting

  2. Planting

  3. Encircling

Correct Option: C

Under the leadership of the socialist leader______ women in Mumbai demonstrated Laatne Morcha.

  1. Dr. Phulrenu Guha

  2. Mrinal Gore

  3. Gaura Devi

Correct Option: B

________ made use of women power in the Bhoodan movement.

  1. Sundarlal Bahuguna

  2. Mahatma Gandhi

  3. Vinoba Bhave

Correct Option: C
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