Basic Unix Quiz - 5

Description: Basic Unix Quiz - 5
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Which command is used to display and create files?

  1. cat

  2. vi

  3. ed

  4. lyrix

Correct Option: A

The second set of the three permissions (r-) indicates that

  1. group has read permission only

  2. other has read permission only

  3. owner has read permission only

  4. group has write permission only

Correct Option: A

Which column contains all details of the permissions of a file when you issue the ls -l command?

  1. second

  2. fourth

  3. third

  4. first

Correct Option: D

Which of the following commands is used to display your working directory?

  1. dir

  2. prompt \$p\$g

  3. pwd

  4. path

Correct Option: C

The command used to compare the files is known as

  1. comp

  2. cmp

  3. do

  4. ccp

Correct Option: B
  1. shutdown

  2. haltsys

  3. cancel

  4. kill

Correct Option: D
  1. standard input file

  2. standard output file

  3. both input and output file

  4. neither standard input nor standard output file

Correct Option: D
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