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Alligators produce offspring through sexual reproduction. Which statement is true?

  1. They are identical to the male parent

  2. They are identical to the female parent

  3. They have characteristics of both parents

  4. They do not have characteristics of either parent

Correct Option: C

What is the most specific group that contains organisms that are able to breed and reproduce?

  1. genus

  2. species

  3. phylum

  4. kingdom

Correct Option: B

35 phyla of the animal kingdom can be divided into two groups. What separates the two groups?

  1. whether they have fur or feathers

  2. whether they live on land or water

  3. whether they have more than one cell

  4. whether they are vertebrates or invertebrates

Correct Option: D

The scientific name of the Asian Elephant is Elephas maximus. What does this name show?

  1. The genus is Elephas

  2. The family is maximus

  3. the phylum is Elephas

  4. The kingdom is maximus

Correct Option: A

An autotroph and a heterotroph are shown. Which statement is true?

  1. The tree is an autotroph and the bear is a heterotroph

  2. the tree is a heterotroph and the bear is an autotroph

  3. both organisms are autotrophs

  4. both organisms are heterotrophs

Correct Option: A

What information does the model communicate?

  1. Polar Bears are in the same family as wolves

  2. Polar Bears have the same characteristics as all other bears

  3. Pb don't have any characteristics in common w/ the starfish

  4. Polar bears have more in common with brown bears than pandas

Correct Option: D

Organisms are classified into Kingdom for 2 characteristics. 1. is the # of cells. The Other?

  1. whether the can move

  2. whether they can reproduce

  3. whether they can make food

  4. whether they can keep their temperature steady

Correct Option: C

Which characteristic do all living organisms share?

  1. they respond to stimuli

  2. they make their own food

  3. they breathe through lungs

  4. the reproduce with two parents

Correct Option: A

The bald eagle is in the same Order as an osprey. The eagle is in the Same Family as Gray Hawk.

  1. the bald eagle is more like an osprey than a gray hawk

  2. the bald eagle and the gray hawk live in the same place

  3. the bald eagle is more like the gray hawk than the osprey

  4. the bald eagle and the osprey eat the same food

Correct Option: C

the scientific name for a horseshoe crab is Limulus Polyphemus. Which group is Limulus?

  1. Species

  2. Genus

  3. Order

  4. Phylum

Correct Option: B

If two organisms belong to the same order, then they must also belong to the same

  1. class

  2. genus

  3. species

  4. family

Correct Option: A

Which is a question a scientist might ask to classify an organism into the correct kingdom?

  1. Can the organism breed with similar organisms?

  2. Does the organism have one cell or many cells?

  3. Does the organism have a backbone?

  4. Are there other organisms that are the same?

Correct Option: B
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