Light Reflection and Refraction

Description: Light Reflection and Refraction
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If you were to shine a bright light through a jelly jar, most of the light would...

  1. reflect it.

  2. curve.

  3. absorb it.

  4. pass through.

Correct Option: C

__________ occurs when the light is not reflected or transmitted.

  1. Transparent

  2. Absorption

  3. Opaque

  4. Translucent

Correct Option: B

When light is refracted through water from air, it will...

  1. bounce off the water.

  2. be soaked up by the water.

  3. bend as it passes through.

  4. pass through the water without a change.

Correct Option: C

What is used to bend light at different degrees, separating it into different colors?

  1. a prism

  2. air

  3. a mirror

  4. water

Correct Option: A

An upside down image is created on the surface of water because the light at the surface...

  1. is reflected.

  2. is refracted.

  3. is absorbed.

  4. is turned into sound.

Correct Option: A

What might cause light to stop traveling in a straight line?

  1. it is very cold out

  2. it is very sunny out

  3. the light is traveling through water

  4. it strikes another object

Correct Option: D

Why does the Moon appear to give off bright white light when it doesn't produce its own light?

  1. It transmits the light of the Sun and stars.

  2. It absorbs light from the Sun and stars.

  3. It reflects the light from the Sun and stars.

  4. It refracts the light of the Sun and stars.

Correct Option: C

Which of the following surfaces reflects the most light?

  1. concrete sidewalk

  2. yellow cloth

  3. tree trunk

  4. aluminum foil

Correct Option: D

In which of the following situations is light most likely to be reflected?

  1. when it strikes a shiny object

  2. when it travels through outer space

  3. when it travels through water and then through air

  4. when it strikes a dark-colored object

Correct Option: A

A car is driving in the dark. Light from the headlights of the car travels...

  1. in a circle.

  2. in a straight line.

  3. only to objects that are shiny.

  4. in a curved line.

Correct Option: B

Which of the following describes the bending of light due to a change in its speed?

  1. absorption

  2. reflection

  3. transmission

  4. refraction

Correct Option: D

A ray of light hits a mirror and changes direction. What is this "bouncing off" action called?

  1. refraction

  2. reflection

  3. condensation

  4. evaporation

Correct Option: B

Light is a form of...

  1. climate

  2. animal

  3. fossil fuel

  4. energy

Correct Option: D
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