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What did the Old Stone Age do with the Animals?

  1. Dance with the animals

  2. Farm the animals

  3. Hunt the animals

  4. Have them as pets

Correct Option: C

The greatest technology of the Stone Age was _____.

  1. the creation of stone tools

  2. hunting & gathering

  3. the creation of clothing

  4. the creation of fire

Correct Option: D

When does the Stone Age end?

  1. When farming is invented

  2. When hunting becomes difficult

  3. When people began making metal tools

  4. When people begin trading

Correct Option: C

What is an artifact?

  1. an imprint of a plant from long ago

  2. the remains of a person from long ago

  3. a food prepared and eaten by humans

  4. an object made or used by humans

Correct Option: D

What does barter mean?

  1. to trade without using money

  2. to trade and use money

  3. to pay for what you want

  4. to take from someone

Correct Option: A

Which phrase defines the time called prehistory?

  1. before computers

  2. before the year 0

  3. before written records

  4. before the year 2000

Correct Option: C

In the Stone Age the "gatherers" were

  1. men

  2. women

  3. children

  4. animals

Correct Option: B

In the Stone Age the "hunters" were

  1. men

  2. women

  3. children

  4. animals

Correct Option: A

The Stone Age was a time in history when

  1. rock music began

  2. all writing was done on stone tablets

  3. stoning was the method of punishment

  4. people used tools made of stone

Correct Option: D

The first part of the Stone Age is known as the

  1. Pale Era

  2. Neolithic Period

  3. Paleolithic Period

  4. The Matrix

Correct Option: C

Why did early humans move from place to place?

  1. In search of electricity

  2. In search of games

  3. In search of food

  4. In search of wifi

Correct Option: C

How did women contribute to hunting and gathering societies?

  1. They collected plants to eat and cared for the children.

  2. They protected their family members by fighting againstinvaders.

  3. They served as priests and educated others about their religiousbeliefs.

  4. They provided most of the food for the community by huntinglarge animals.

Correct Option: A

Which types of tools did early humans develop during the Paleolithic Era?

  1. shovels made from iron

  2. hand axes made from stone

  3. Hammers made of gold

  4. Knives made of diamonds

Correct Option: B

. To which group of hominids do all modern humans belong?

  1. Homo habilis

  2. Homo erectus

  3. Homo sapiens

  4. Homo neanderthalensis

Correct Option: C

Early humans moved from place to place. What were these humans called?

  1. Band Mates

  2. Nomads

  3. Clansman

  4. Mad Men

Correct Option: B
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