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platforms and products Online Quiz - 15

Description: platforms and products Online Quiz - 15
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What information a DTD contains?

  1. Attributes

  2. Data

  3. Constraints

  4. Element types

  5. Element Data types

Correct Option: A,C,D

Select the operation which is not part of Data Integration Web Service

  1. getDIServerProperties

  2. startWorkflows

  3. scheduleWorkflow

  4. monitorDIServer

  5. startSessionLogFetch

Correct Option: B

Select Metadata Web service operations

  1. getAllDIServers

  2. getAllFolders

  3. getAllRepositories

  4. getAllTasks

  5. getAllWorkflowInstances

Correct Option: A,B,C

To create a dynamic xml output files which transformation is mandatory?

  1. Normalizer

  2. Update strategy

  3. Xml generator

  4. Transaction control transformation

Correct Option: D

Two groups from an Xml source can be moved to an expression using

  1. Using Joiner

  2. Create xml using Denormalized XML views( Hierarchical relationship)

  3. Direct Move possible

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: A,B

Informatica license depends on 1) No of CPUs 2) No of Repositories 3) Size of RAM 4) Size of Hard disk 5) No of Node

  1. 1 & 5

  2. 1,2&3

  3. 2,3&4

  4. 1&2

  5. 1&3

Correct Option: D

Minimum System requirement to install powercenter Advance edition complete installation

  1. 1 CPU / 1 GB

  2. 2 CPUs / 2 GB

  3. 3 CPUs / 3 GB

  4. 4 CPUs / 4 GB

  5. 5 CPUs / 5 GB

Correct Option: D

Types of locks on repository objects

  1. Write lock

  2. Write-intent lock

  3. Read lock

  4. Execute lock

  5. In-use lock

Correct Option: B,D,E

Types of associated source definitions to define the message data in an MQSeries mapping:

  1. Xml

  2. VSAM

  3. Flat file

  4. Relational DB

Correct Option: B,C

Parameter Name for input file name should start with………

  1. $InputFile

  2. $Input_File

  3. $Input$File

  4. $Input File

Correct Option: A

Which are the benefits of using MOSS2007?

  1. familiarity

  2. productivity

  3. infra structure management

  4. Data accessibility and audit

  5. Business application interface

  6. Sharing information

Correct Option: A,B,D,E,F

Which of the below are the foundational elements of a Microsoft Office 2007 SharePoint environment??

  1. Microsoft Office Clients 2007

  2. SQL Server

  3. Windows Server2003

  4. Web Server

  5. MOSS

  6. Windows SharePoint 2007 Services

Correct Option: A,B,C,D,E,F

Multi Directory Watch is a module under InputAccel to monitor any particular repository or folder from where it can feed documents to Captiva for further process

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

What is ECM

  1. Enterprise Contenet Management

  2. Enterprise Course Management

  3. Enterprise Course MAnager

  4. None of these

Correct Option: A

Excel Services provided by MOSS2007 are

  1. Excel Calculation Services (ECS)

  2. Excel Web Services (EWS)

  3. Excel Catering Services (ECS)

  4. Excel Web Access (EWA)

Correct Option: A,B,D

If the network bandwidth is less, distibuted scanning is better than centaralized scanning

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

This service consists of web sites and network locations referenced by the system. It also includes a mechanism that can be used to scan for broken links, changed site Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), or missing sites.

  1. Site Collection

  2. Navigation

  3. Business Data Catalogs

  4. Site directory

Correct Option: D

Which of the following are the advantages of Imaging solution

  1. Cost

  2. Compliance

  3. Security

  4. Data

Correct Option: A,B,C,D

Which one of the following doesnot come under Web Content Management?

  1. template development

  2. security and access control

  3. site navigation services

  4. portal services

  5. site publishing

Correct Option: D

Collobration is a service supports discussions and shared task lists on server-based portals and determines the status of each member of a collaborative team, which could be online, offline, away, in a meeting, on the phone, and so on

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A
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