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What IPL season had the most teams ever?

  1. 2010

  2. 2011

  3. 2012

  4. 2013

Correct Option: B

who has the most IPL Hundreds?

  1. Gayle

  2. Kohli

  3. ABD

  4. Gilchrist

Correct Option: A

What team has won the most purple cap awards?

  1. CSK

  2. SRH/DC

  3. DD

  4. MI

Correct Option: B

Who has won the most player of the series awards?

  1. Shane Watson

  2. Suresh Raina

  3. Virat Kohli

  4. Sunil Narine

Correct Option: A

Who has won the greatest amount of most sixes in a season award?

  1. AB de Villiers

  2. Sanath Jayasuria

  3. Chris Gayle

  4. Adam Gilchrist

Correct Option: C

Who has Won The most IPl and CL20 combined?

  1. MI

  2. CSK

  3. KKR

  4. SRH/DC

Correct Option: A

Who has the top 5 most wickets in order?

  1. Malinga, Mishra, Chawla, Bravo, Harbhajan

  2. Malinga, Mishra, Harbhajan, Chawla, B Kumar

  3. Malinga, Mishra, Bravo, Harbhajan, Nehra

  4. Malinga, Mishra, Chawla, Harbhajan, Bravo

Correct Option: D

Who has the best average from the top 10 run scorers?

  1. Kohli

  2. Gayle

  3. ABD

  4. Dhoni

Correct Option: B

Who are the top 5 run scorers altogether in order?

  1. Raina,Kohli,Sharma,ABD,Gambhir

  2. Raina,Kohli, Sharma, Warner, Uthappa

  3. Raina,Kohli, Gambhir,Warner,Uthappa

  4. Raina, Kohli, Sharma, Gambhir, Warner

Correct Option: D

Who took The most wickets in IPL 1?

  1. Shane Warne

  2. Lasith Malinga

  3. S Sreesanth

  4. Sohail Tanvir

Correct Option: D

Who scored The most runs in the 2016 IPL?

  1. Virat Kohli

  2. AB de Villiers

  3. Rohit Sharma

  4. David Warner

Correct Option: A
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