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Description: Review of science terms.
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The process by which H2O moves through the Earth and atmosphere is called:

  1. The Transpiration Cycle

  2. The Water Cycle

  3. The Weather Cycle

  4. The Air Cycle

Correct Option: B

The process that occurs when water changes from a liquid to a gas, caused by heat:

  1. Evaporation

  2. Condensation

  3. Precipitation

  4. Runoff

Correct Option: A

This instrument measures wind speed:

  1. hygrometer

  2. barometer

  3. thermometer

  4. anemometer

Correct Option: D

When Earth revolves, it is:

  1. spinning on its axis

  2. traveling around the moon

  3. traveling around the sun

  4. traveling around Mars

Correct Option: C

What cause the Day/Night cycle?

  1. Earth revolving around the sun

  2. Earth spinning on its axis

  3. Earth changing seasons

  4. Earth slowing down

Correct Option: B

One revolution around the sun is called:

  1. an hour

  2. a day

  3. a week

  4. a year

Correct Option: D

Light passes completely through which objects?

  1. opaque

  2. transparent

  3. translucent

  4. it doesn't pass through anything

Correct Option: B

Which phase of the moon is shown?

  1. crescent

  2. quarter

  3. full

  4. new

Correct Option: B

Which phase of the moon is shown?

  1. crescent

  2. quarter

  3. new

  4. full

Correct Option: C

What property of light is shown?

  1. reflection

  2. refraction

  3. opaque

  4. shadows

Correct Option: B

This objects separates light into the colors of a rainbow.  What is it?

  1. concave lens

  2. convex lens

  3. prism

  4. telescope

Correct Option: C

Which material does sound travel through fastest?

  1. metal

  2. water

  3. air

  4. toothpaste 

Correct Option: A

Which of the following is not a state of matter?

  1. solid

  2. liquid

  3. pudding

  4. gas

Correct Option: C

Frequency determines pitch, amplitude determines:

  1. pitch

  2. height

  3. volume

  4. ear drum

Correct Option: C

Sound is caused by:

  1. vibrations

  2. Mt. Dew

  3. transversity

  4. wind vane

Correct Option: A

A force is:

  1. the property of an object that resists movement

  2. any push or pull

  3. a change in position

  4. any shape

Correct Option: B

Force that pulls toward the center of Earth:

  1. inertia

  2. acceleration

  3. gravity

  4. friction

Correct Option: C

Which simple machine is shown:

  1. lever

  2. wedge

  3. inclined plane

  4. screw

Correct Option: A

Stairs are an example of which simple machine?

  1. lever

  2. pulley

  3. wedge

  4. inclined plane

Correct Option: D

All energy begins where?

  1. the sun

  2. Atlanta

  3. in water

  4. under a rock

Correct Option: A

An animal that hunts and feeds on another organism is called:

  1. mean

  2. prey

  3. predator

  4. nocturnal

Correct Option: C

Plants are:

  1. consumers

  2. producers

  3. imposters

  4. nocturnal

Correct Option: B

Bacteria, mushrooms, and some insects are:

  1. producers

  2. consumers

  3. decomposers

  4. planets

Correct Option: C

Which of the following would not be a cause of extinction?

  1. natural disaster

  2. disease

  3. hunting

  4. love

Correct Option: D

A white (arctic) fox in the snow is using which type of adaptation?

  1. camouflage

  2. mimicry

  3. long claws

  4. structure

Correct Option: A

What is a difference between planets and stars?

  1. they are the same

  2. planets twinkle

  3. stars twinkle

  4. stars make more money

Correct Option: C
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