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Animal Science Quiz

Description: Animal unit review game
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Which is not a characteristic of a bird?

  1. feathers

  2. laying eggs

  3. beaks

  4. moist skin

Correct Option: D

A frog is a(n)...

  1. reptile

  2. amphibian

  3. mammal

  4. marsupial

Correct Option: B

Which animal does not belong to the amphibian group?

  1. frog

  2. salamander

  3. dog

  4. toad

Correct Option: C

Which group of animals has fur or hair?

  1. reptiles

  2. mammals

  3. fish

  4. birds

Correct Option: B

Which animal would live in a cold/ arctic environment?

  1. snake

  2. fish

  3. walrus

  4. elephant

Correct Option: C

Which is NOT a way that animals use plants?

  1. shelter

  2. paper

  3. food

Correct Option: B

What animal would live best in a desert environment?

  1. lizard

  2. elephant

  3. owl

  4. penguin

Correct Option: A

Why would a farmer be happy to see lady bugs on his plants?

  1. they are good luck

  2. they eat the plants

  3. they eat the insects that eat the plants

  4. they are pretty

Correct Option: C

Which is NOT a stage of the frog life cycle?

  1. EGG

  2. LARVA


  4. ADULTĀ 

Correct Option: B

Which animal does NOT come from an egg?

  1. chicken

  2. ladybug

  3. snake

  4. deer

Correct Option: D

What animal group does a flamingo fall into?

  1. flamingo

  2. mammal

  3. marsupial

  4. bird

Correct Option: D

It can fly, but it is not a bird. It is warm blooded, and feeds its young milk. What is it?

  1. eagle

  2. parrot

  3. penguin

  4. bat

Correct Option: D
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