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Acids, Bases and Salts

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Which of the following combinations of salts and their uses is incorrect?

  1. Silver nitrate - To develop photographic films

  2. Calcium carbonate - In marbles for flooring

  3. Sodium bicarbonate - To make chalk

  4. Ammonium nitrate - In explosives

  5. Sodium carbonate - In detergents

Correct Option: C

Calcium carbonate is used to make chalk. Sodium bicarbonate is used in bakery and medicines.

For descaling boilers, ________ is used in industries for removing deposits from the inside of boilers.

  1. dilute hydrochloric acid

  2. nitric acid

  3. sodium hydroxide

  4. concentrated hydrochloric acid

  5. concentrated sulphuric acid

Correct Option: A

Dilute hydrochloric acid is used for descaling boilers.

Bases that can dissolve in water are called

  1. indicators

  2. explosives

  3. antacids

  4. alkalis

  5. preservatives

Correct Option: D

Alkalis are bases that dissolve in water.

A lady took out her old gold jewellery to wear in a wedding. To give it a better shine, she gave it to a goldsmith, who put it into a solution and had it polished instantly. Which of the following was present in the solution?

  1. Sulphuric acid

  2. Magnesium sulphate

  3. Sodium hydroxide

  4. Mercury

  5. Nitric acid

Correct Option: E

Nitric acid is used to polish jewellery.

A farmer was advised to add quick lime (calcium oxide) to the soil to grew the plants well. Why did he add quick lime?

  1. Because it neutralises the acidity.

  2. Because it increases the uptake of fertilisers.

  3. Because it is a fertiliser.

  4. Because it reduces the alkalinity of the soil.

  5. Because it allows better water absorption by roots.

Correct Option: A

Quick lime helped to neutralise excess acidity in the soil.

Which of the following is known as the 'king of chemicals'?

  1. Vinegar

  2. Sulphuric acid

  3. Sodium hydroxide

  4. Nitric acid

Correct Option: B

Sulphuric acid is the 'king of chemicals'.

A boy was badly affected by ant sting. His mother immediately applied calamine solution, which helped to soothe the stung area. Calamine solution contains

  1. magnesium sulphate

  2. sodium hydroxide

  3. zinc carbonate

  4. sulphuric acid

  5. vinegar

Correct Option: C

Zinc carbonate is present in calamine solution.

In which of the following cases is antacid consumed?

  1. When there is a burn.

  2. When there is vitamin deficiency.

  3. When a wound occurs.

  4. When a person experiences acidity in stomach.

  5. When blood clot.

Correct Option: D

When a person experiences acidity in stomach, it is neutralised by antacid like magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia).

In a reaction between acid and base, ________ and water are formed, and a lot of heat is evolved.

  1. salt

  2. vitamin

  3. fibres

  4. minerals

  5. antacids

Correct Option: A

Acid + base $\rightarrow$ Salt and water

A group of students was doing an experiment using sodium hydroxide and dilute hydrochloric acid. They added phenolphthalein indicator, which gave the solution a pink colour. As more and more dilute hydrochloric acid was added to it, drop by drop, at one point a colour change was noted. This happened due to neutralisation reaction. The colour changes from pink to ____________.

  1. blue

  2. green

  3. red

  4. violet

  5. colourless

Correct Option: E

The colour changes from pink to colourless.

A group of students was given three solutions and strips of red and blue litmus paper. They were asked to find out which solution was neutral. Which of the following is the correct identification?

  1. Red litmus turns blue

  2. No change with red or blue litmus paper

  3. Blue litmus paper remains blue

  4. Violet colour appears on the litmus paper

  5. Colour changes to green

Correct Option: B

No change occurs with red or blue litmus paper, if the solution is neutral.

A group of children was playing, and they wanted to get a particular colour for completing a painting. In order to get this colour fast, they mixed two easily available items in their house; turmeric powder and soap liquid. Which colour did they get by this?

  1. Green

  2. Black

  3. Red

  4. Blue

  5. Purple

Correct Option: C

Red colour is obtained by mixing turmeric and soap.

Litmus paper is a natural indicator. From where does it obtain?

  1. Lichen

  2. Turmeric

  3. Red cabbage

  4. China rose

  5. Coffee powder

Correct Option: A

Litmus paper is obtained from lichen.

Which of the following compounds is called milk of magnesia?'

  1. Calcium hydroxide

  2. Magnesium hydroxide

  3. Vinegar

  4. Sodium hydroxide

  5. Ascorbic acid

Correct Option: B

Magnesium hydroxide is called milk of magnesia.

Many fruits and vegetables contain natural acids. Which acid is found in spinach?

  1. Ascorbic acid

  2. Lactic acid

  3. Tartaric acid

  4. Formic acid

  5. Oxalic acid

Correct Option: E

Oxalic acid is found in spinach.

Which of the following is not a property of bases?

  1. Bitter to taste

  2. Soapy to touch

  3. Rd litmus turns blue

  4. Sour to taste

  5. May or may not dissolve in water

Correct Option: D

Acids are sour in taste.

A girl was shown the following items in the kitchen and asked which of them is not acidic. What was her reply?

  1. Vinegar

  2. Curd

  3. Baking soda

  4. Tamarind

  5. Lime juice

Correct Option: C

Baking soda is not acidic.

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