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  1. People in your organization who build, use or evolve any Process Commander application

  2. Groups of people who perform similar job functions in applications that control portal layout and application access

  3. Designated process responsibility within a specific application that refines application access by operation and class.

  4. Business structure of your organization, including application developers and users

Correct Option: B

What is the class of the top level clipboard page created by the Obj-List method?

  1. Code-Pega-List

  2. Rule-Pega-Obj

  3. pxResults

  4. The same class as the returned instance

Correct Option: A

A person who uses the application you build to receive, process, and resolve work is ___________.

  1. Business user

  2. Business manager

  3. Process architect

  4. System architect

  5. System administrator

Correct Option: A

The organization hierarchy is built on the nested levels of

  1. organization, division, unit

  2. company, division, unit

  3. organization, division, job function

  4. organization, work group, user

Correct Option: A

Which contain static text, such as HTML style sheets or JavaScript code and are not subject to rule resolution.

  1. Fragments

  2. text files

  3. streams

  4. harnesses

Correct Option: B

Which one of the following components users can NOT create by Application Accelerator?

  1. Class group (work pool) and supporting database table

  2. A RuleSet and version for the application, added to access group

  3. Work parties rule

  4. Capability of communication or integration with other system

  5. Work object forms

  6. Workbaskets, worklists and workgroups

Correct Option: D

Step 10 of SmartBuild “Adding Communication Capabilities” takes care of incorporating the following communication capabilities into an application:

  1. Correspondence

  2. Inbound/Outbound e-mail

  3. Notification by phone, text or pager

  4. Directed Web Access

Correct Option: A
  1. Role

  2. Access Group

  3. Application

  4. Organization

Correct Option: B

Strive for no more than __ Assignment or Processing shapes per flow shell.

  1. 5

  2. 10

  3. 15

  4. 20

Correct Option: C
  1. Rule-HTML-Section

  2. Rule-HTML

  3. Rule-Section-HTML

  4. Rule-Obj-Section

Correct Option: A

When looping through a page list, all of the following are valid index references except

  1. ()

  2. ()

  3. ()

  4. ()

  5. ()

Correct Option: A

Organizations are instances of _____________________ class and by default on installation, PRPC comes with an organization called ______________________________

  1. Data-Organization,admin.pega.com

  2. Data-Admin-Organization,pega.com

  3. Data-Admin-Org, pega.com

  4. Data-Admin-Org, admin.pega.com

Correct Option: B
  1. Rule-File-Binary.

  2. Rule-File-Text

  3. Rule-Obj-Binary

  4. Rule-Obj-Text

Correct Option: A
  1. Page

  2. PageList

  3. PageGroup

  4. SingleValue

  5. ValueGroup

  6. ValueList

Correct Option: D

A Process Flow has been designed that routes an assignment to a HR manager. An additional requirement is that the HR Manger be able to attach a budget sheet to the assignment before approving the assignment. This can be accomplished using a ________

  1. Rule-Template-Excel instance

  2. Local Assignment

  3. Connector Flow Action

  4. Correspondence Rule

  5. Local Flow Action

Correct Option: E

The clipboard page which contains information about your access roles, RuleSet list, and HTTP protocol parameters is the ________

  1. Process Page

  2. Requestor Page

  3. Thread page

  4. User Pages

Correct Option: B
  1. The flow will not save

  2. The flow will be suspended

  3. The flow will save, but an execution java exception will raise

  4. The flow will be suspended, and control will be transferred to the FlowProblems flow

Correct Option: D

Router, Notify, and Utility are all based on what rule? (Its defined in Security tab in Activity)

  1. Rule-Obj-Flow

  2. Rule-Activity

  3. Rule-Obj-Activity

  4. They are each separate rule types

Correct Option: C
  1. Java Object

  2. Page group

  3. Value list

  4. Page list

Correct Option: B
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