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In a Sun Oracle Database Machine Quarter Height Rack, how many Sun DataCenter InfiniBand Switches are included?

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 3

  4. 4

  5. 8

Correct Option: B
  1. The POV must only prove that performance is "faster" than current performance or the competition.

  2. There is no commitment to buy upon POV success

  3. The customer does not assign a full-time resource to the POV.

  4. A key decision maker is not involved in the POV process.

Correct Option: A,B,C,D

Informatica Repository contains.

  1. Metadata for transformation

  2. Source schema

  3. Target schema

  4. Both b and c

Correct Option: A

Informatica supports

  1. Only Heterogeneous source

  2. Only heterogeneous Target

  3. Heterogeneous source and target

  4. Only homogeneous source and target

Correct Option: C

If you want to create indexes after the load process which transformation you choose?

  1. Filter Transformation

  2. Aggregator Transformation

  3. Stored procedure Transformation

  4. Expression Transformation

Correct Option: C

Informatica Repository server is identified by

  1. Repository server name and port number

  2. Repository server name

  3. Repository server name and host name

  4. Host name and port number

Correct Option: D

Which of the following is not possible using Repository Manager

  1. Creating folder within repository

  2. Creating users and assigning roles

  3. Taking backup of Repository

  4. Comparing folders

Correct Option: C

'HoneyComb' is the code name of

  1. Symbian 9.3

  2. Windows 8

  3. Android 3.0

  4. MAC OSz

Correct Option: C

'NATAL' is code name of

  1. Sony Play Station MOVE

  2. Microsoft KINECT

  3. Nintendo Wii

  4. Microsoft CRM

Correct Option: B

'Red Dog' is the code name for

  1. Windows 7

  2. Windows Azure

  3. Windows XP

  4. Windows VISTA

Correct Option: B

Any idea about code name of Intel 945 Express chipset

  1. Langwell

  2. LaGrande

  3. Lincroft

  4. Lakeport

Correct Option: D

Code name of Window XP

  1. Janus

  2. Impala

  3. Whistler

  4. Mantis

Correct Option: C

Which Crystal Reports Page Server setting should you use to prevent users from running on-demand reports containing queries that return excessively large record sets?


  2. Limit SQL Cursor Fetch Size

  3. Preview Sample Data

  4. Database Records to Read When Previewing or Refreshing a Report

Correct Option: D

Your currently run you BusinessObjects Enterprise system on multiple servers. You want to add another Crystal Reports Job Server service to the machine running the Crystal Reports Job Server service. Using the Add Server Wizard in the Central Configuration Manager, which three tasks must you perform? (Choose three.)

  1. Synchronize the server

  2. Start the server

  3. Create the server

  4. Enable the server

Correct Option: B,C,D

When a scheduled Crystal Report runs successfully, which server notifies the Central Management Server (CMS) of the instance status?

  1. Crystal Reports Page Server

  2. Output File Repository Server

  3. Crystal Reports Job Server

  4. Web Application Server

Correct Option: C

Which three statements describe the role of the Web Intelligence Report Server? (Choose three.)

  1. Fulfills on demand Web Intelligence report requests

  2. Updates the Central Management Server (CMS) with instance status

  3. Processes scheduled Web Intelligence report requests

  4. Creates report instances for Web Intelligence report reports

Correct Option: A,C,D

Which two statements describe situations that will benefit from using server groups? (Choose two.)

  1. You intend to cluster the Central Management Server (CMS).

  2. Datasources are located in geographically dispersed locations

  3. Some processing servers are configured for specific databases

  4. You are using a web farm

Correct Option: B,C

When you install BusinessObjects Enterprise, what is the minimum disk space required for the drive holding the TEMP directory?

  1. 100 MB

  2. 500 MB

  3. 700 MB

  4. 1000 MB

Correct Option: C

What is a requirement for a client running the Central Management Console?

  1. The Publishing Wizard must be installed

  2. All BusinessObjects Enterprise servers must be installed

  3. Network connectivity to the Central Management Server (CMS)

  4. Network connectivity to the Production Database

Correct Option: C

Where do you configure the BusinessObjects Enterprise Web Component Adapter (WCA)? (Choose two.)

  1. wcaconfig.ini file in the InfoView directory

  2. web.config file in the WebContent directory

  3. Central Configuration Manager

  4. Central Management Console

Correct Option: A,B
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