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Description: platforms and products Online Quiz - 6
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A card would be cancelled when it has_______

  1. 30 day ageing balance

  2. 60 day ageing balance

  3. 90 day ageing balance

  4. All of these

  5. None of these

Correct Option: C

Statementing process happens immediately after _____

  1. Posting

  2. Cycle cut

  3. Review

  4. Non financial process

  5. None of these

Correct Option: B





Correct Option: C

An integration definition can be used as an activity

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Which of the following are subscribers according to the biztalk pub/sub architecture?

  1. Receive Port

  2. Send Port

  3. Receive Pipeline

  4. Send Pipeline

Correct Option: B,C

What should the access restrictions be on a port type that is supposed to be responsible for receiving a message from a web service

  1. Private

  2. Public

  3. Internal

  4. Any of the above

Correct Option: B

What is a Dynamic Port?

  1. A port which can be created at runtime from within the orchestration

  2. A port whose binding information can be supplied at runtime

  3. c. A port whose binding information can be imported into BizTalk thru a xml file

  4. A port which can receive messages of any message type

Correct Option: B,D

When using the Business Rules Engine, you need to create certain facts that are based on XML Schemas. What should the value of the “Document Type” be in order for the Business rules to be successfully invoked from a BizTalk orchestration.

  1. Name of the schema.

  2. Name of the Root node in the xml document

  3. Namespace.typename of the project in which the schema has been deployed

  4. Name of the xml document

Correct Option: C
  1. In Process Host

  2. Isolated Host

  3. BizTalk Server Host

  4. Web Host

Correct Option: B,C
  1. The Message Assignment Shape

  2. Expression Shape

  3. Construct Message Shape

  4. Decision Shape

Correct Option: A,B
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