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Among the following personalities, who made debut in a test match as a captain ?

  1. Azharuddin

  2. Javed Miandad

  3. Lee Germon

  4. Alfred Shaw

Correct Option: C

when was Sachin Tendulkar born?

  1. 24th April 1973

  2. 25th April 1973

  3. 23rd April 1973

  4. 22nd April 1973

Correct Option: A

Sachin's Test debut

  1. 15 November 1989 v England

  2. 15 November 1989 v Australia

  3. 15 November 1989 v Pakistan

  4. 15 November 1989 v West Indies

Correct Option: C

"Sachin Tendulkar is, in my time, the best player without doubt - daylight second, Brian Lara third." This statement is said by:

  1. Glen McGrath

  2. Allan Donald

  3. Shane Warne

  4. Waqar Younis

Correct Option: C

AI Explanation

To answer this question, we need to understand the context and the players mentioned in the statement.

The statement "Sachin Tendulkar is, in my time, the best player without doubt - daylight second, Brian Lara third" is a statement about the ranking of players in the context of the speaker's time.

Let's go through each option to understand who said this statement:

Option A) Glen McGrath - There is no reference or evidence to suggest that Glen McGrath made this statement.

Option B) Allan Donald - There is no reference or evidence to suggest that Allan Donald made this statement.

Option C) Shane Warne - Shane Warne, the Australian cricketer, made this statement. He referred to Sachin Tendulkar as the best player without doubt and ranked him first, followed by an unspecified player in the second position and Brian Lara in the third position.

Option D) Waqar Younis - There is no reference or evidence to suggest that Waqar Younis made this statement.

The correct answer is C) Shane Warne. This option is correct because Shane Warne is known to have made this statement about Sachin Tendulkar, ranking him as the best player in his time.

Who is credited for the selection of Tendulkar for the 1989 Indian tour of Pakistan?

  1. Jagmohan Dalmia

  2. Raj Singh Dungarpur

  3. Kapil Dev

  4. Sunil Gavaskar

Correct Option: B

Against which IPL team sachin recently scored his maiden century?

  1. Kolkata Knight Riders

  2. Royal challengers Bangalore

  3. Delhi Daredevils

  4. Kochi Tuskers Kerala

Correct Option: D

"If Cricket is a Religion, Sachin is God" book is written by??

  1. Vaibhav Purandare

  2. Vijay Santhanam

  3. Ashish Shukla

  4. Gulu Ezekiel

Correct Option: B

He is 99.5% Perfect.. I'll pay to watch him play. I think he is marvellous. I think he will fit in whatever category of Cricket that has been played or will be played, from the first ball that has ever been bowled to the last ball that's going to be. He can play in any era and at any level. who said these lines for Sachin?

  1. Brian Lara

  2. Viv Richards

  3. Allan Border

  4. Steve Waugh

Correct Option: B

How many reviews a team can take in test match for an innings?

  1. 1

  2. 6

  3. 3

  4. 2

Correct Option: C

How many overs maximum can be bowled in test match per day?

  1. 20

  2. 90

  3. 50

  4. 40

Correct Option: B

How many days test match was played?

  1. 4

  2. 3

  3. 1

  4. 5

Correct Option: D

Which team holds No.1 position in Test Ranking?

  1. Australia

  2. Pakistan

  3. India

  4. South Africa

Correct Option: C

Test matches also played under lights as Day & Night Match?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Which player is the highest run scorer in a test match innings?

  1. Mathew Hayden

  2. Sachin Tendulkar

  3. Brain Lara

  4. Ricky Ponting

Correct Option: C

Which Indian player took most no of wickets in an innings?

  1. Glenn McGrath

  2. Muthaiah Muralitharan

  3. Anil Kumble

  4. Shane Warne

Correct Option: C

highest run made by sachin in one innings in odi??????

  1. 175

  2. 186

  3. 156

  4. 143

Correct Option: B

highest ron scored by rahul dravid in one day cricket????

  1. 156

  2. 145

  3. 153

  4. 120

Correct Option: C


  1. 156

  2. 142

  3. 176

  4. 183

Correct Option: D


  1. 163

  2. 169

  3. 150

  4. 120

Correct Option: B
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