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Which of the following artifacts are automatically created by the SQL Adapter?

  1. Multipart message types

  2. Empty BizTalk orchestration

  3. Port Type

  4. Role Link Type

Correct Option: A,B,C,D

How would you set up an orchestration to receive messages from a particular folder on the network as well as from a database?

  1. Create 2 orchestrations to receive messages from the 2 sources and then call a third orchestration to process the message

  2. Create 2 receive shapes and bind them to 2 different ports and place them in parallel.

  3. Create 2 receive shapes and bind them to 2 different ports and place them one after the other

  4. Create a receive port and add 2 receive locations and bind it to the orchestration.

Correct Option: D

Which of the following conditions should be true to enable biztalk to receive messages from web services?

  1. The port type responsible for receiving messages should be a public port

  2. The webservice should be running on the same machine where the SOAP Adapter is running

  3. The webservice should be running on the same machine where the biztalk message box is available

  4. The Webservice should run under a user account that has permissions to access the biztalk management database

Correct Option: A

SAP stands for

  1. Standard Assessment Procedure

  2. Special Access Program

  3. Systems Applications and Products

  4. Software Application Programming

Correct Option: C

LSMW Stands for

  1. Legacy Software Migration Workbench

  2. Load Software Migration Workbench

  3. Load System Migration Workbench

  4. Legacy System Migration Workbench

Correct Option: D

SAP Company founded in Germany in 1972 by five ex IBM engineers

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A
  1. Command field

  2. Menu Bar

  3. SAP menu and Favorites

  4. Title Bar

  5. Status Bar

Correct Option: A,B,C,D,E

ABAP stands for

  1. Advanced Business Application Programming

  2. Application Business Advanced Programming

  3. Ameteur Boxing Association of the Philippines

  4. Advanced Business Application Processing

Correct Option: A

What is the transaction code used to view the table data

  1. SE06

  2. SE11

  3. SE16

  4. SE38

Correct Option: C

Favorites are frequently used SAP tasks or transactions saved in your favorites menu. Useful web addresses like SAP training websites can also be added as favorites.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Which one of the following are correct to execute a transaction

  1. In SAP Easy access screen enter the transaction code in Command field

  2. If you are not in SAP Esy access screen enter /N followed by the transaction code in command field

  3. If you want to open a transaction in new session, enter /O followed by transaction codein command field

  4. Go to the appropriate menu and explore to find your transaction and execute

Correct Option: A,B,C,D

What task must be accomplished before custom store pages can be cached using WebSphere Application Server dynacache?

  1. Add custom tags to each page

  2. Add entries to cache configuration file.

  3. Install the Cache Monitor.

  4. Pre-compile the JSPs

Correct Option: B

Which JSTL tag should be used to create a new URL reference in a jsp?

Correct Option: D

A storefront is using the Struts declarative exception handling framework. The appropriate method for defining the text of error messages, used by the Struts framework, is to create a new:

  1. global-forwards

  2. action-mappings

  3. message-resources

  4. global-exceptions

Correct Option: C

Which Web Services preference needs to be enabled in Rational Application Developer when developing Web services for WebSphere Commerce?

  1. Set soapAction field to the operation name.

  2. Disable data binding and use SOAPElement.

  3. Do not backup and overwrite skeleton bean.

  4. Generate Java from WSDL using the no wrapped style.

Correct Option: B

A developer wants to customize the Struts configuration file to support form field validation. What needs to be enabled to make the Store Struts application aware of the Validator framework?

  1. CustomPlugin

  2. ValidatorPlugIn

  3. FormValidationPlugin

  4. DefaultValidationPlugin

Correct Option: B

Select Abinitio Core Products

  1. Co>Operating System

  2. Component Library

  3. Enterprise Meta Environment(EME)

  4. Graphical Development Environment

Correct Option: A,B,D

Which function will result in "LOVE" ?

  1. string_substring("I>LOVE>INDIA",size_of("1"),size_of(1))

  2. string_substring("I>LOVE>INDIA",size_of(1)+2,size_of("1")/2)

  3. string_substring("I>LOVE>INDIA",size_of("1")+2,size_of(1)/2)

  4. string_substring("I>LOVE>INDIA",size_of(1)/2,size_of("1")+2)

Correct Option: C

string_join(re_split("I Love India","@"),"Like")

  1. I Love India

  2. I Likeove India

  3. I Like India

  4. ILoveIndia

Correct Option: A
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