Identify the name of attack.

Description: Its a quiz to identify the type of attack
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Name the attack: link to a fake website

  1. keylogger

  2. brute force

  3. phishing

  4. e-mail spoofing

Correct Option: C

Alice access the following URL : http://www.testrun.com/%2e/2e%2e%[email protected]%2f/etc/passwd What is the name of the attack ?

  1. Buffer overflow

  2. Cross site scripting (XSS)

  3. Directory traversal

  4. Obfuscation

Correct Option: C
  1. Insecure file upload

  2. Path Traversal

  3. Brute forcing

  4. Universal PDF XSS

Correct Option: B
  1. Web cache poisoning

  2. Account Harvesting

  3. Eaves dropping

  4. Cookie Poisoning

Correct Option: D
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