C Programming 1

Description: Test your C skill in programming language for campus placements by free online preparation and practice paper tests
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When was C language developed?

  1. 1970

  2. 1972

  3. 1975

  4. 1976

Correct Option: B

Which one is a scaler data type?

  1. Double

  2. Union

  3. Function

  4. Array

Correct Option: A

Which is not a keyword in C?

  1. Const

  2. Main

  3. Sizeof

  4. Void

Correct Option: B

Among the following, which escape sequence, does not have any specific meaning?

  1. 't'

  2. 'a'

  3. 'b'

  4. 'c'

Correct Option: D

Which is an object in C?

  1. Constant

  2. Variable

  3. Identifier

  4. Keyword

Correct Option: B
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