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What does ACID stands for?

  1. Access, Consistency,Isolation,Data

  2. Access,Constrain,Index ,data

  3. Atomicity,Consistency,Isolation,Durability

  4. None of these

Correct Option: C

AI Explanation

To answer this question, you need to understand the concept of ACID properties in database management systems.

ACID stands for:

A) Access, Consistency, Isolation, Data - This option is incorrect because it does not correctly represent the ACID properties.

B) Access, Constrain, Index, Data - This option is incorrect because it does not correctly represent the ACID properties.

C) Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability - This option is correct. The ACID properties are:

  1. Atomicity: This property ensures that a transaction is treated as a single, indivisible unit of work. It guarantees that all operations within the transaction are completed successfully, or none of them are executed at all.

  2. Consistency: This property ensures that a transaction brings the database from one valid state to another. It enforces integrity constraints and rules, ensuring that all data modifications are performed in a consistent manner.

  3. Isolation: This property ensures that concurrent transactions are isolated from each other, meaning that the intermediate states of a transaction are not visible to other transactions until the transaction is committed.

  4. Durability: This property ensures that once a transaction is committed, its effects are permanent and will survive any subsequent system failures. The changes made by the transaction are stored in non-volatile memory (such as disk storage) to ensure durability.

D) None of these - This option is incorrect, as option C is the correct answer.

The correct answer is C) Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability. This option is correct because it represents the ACID properties accurately.

The Order Of shorting Can be Change by Which SQL command??

  1. Order From

  2. Order On

  3. Order By

  4. Order In

Correct Option: C

Sql Command use to Avoid selection Of duplicate Rows?

  1. Distinct

  2. Unique

  3. Exclusive

  4. Discrete

Correct Option: A

Which of following denotes a single value function used in SQL?

  1. COUNT()

  2. SQRT()

  3. AVG()


Correct Option: B

Which of following is used in SQL command to Comment Multiple Lines?

  1. /**/

  2. REM

Correct Option: A
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