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Description: Relation Database Management System (RDMBS) Quiz
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Normalization of database is used to

  1. Eliminate redundancy.

  2. Improve security.

  3. Improve efficiency.

  4. Minimize Errors.

Answer: 1

Functional dependencies are a generalization of

  1. Key dependencies.

  2. Relation dependencies.

  3. Database dependencies.

  4. All of these.

  5. None of these.

Answer: 1

Manager’s salary details are hidden from the employee. This is

  1. Conceptual level data hiding.

  2. Physical level data hiding.

  3. External level data hiding.

  4. All of these.

  5. None of these.

Answer: 3

Define compound key

  1. Is made up of a several pieces of information.

  2. Uniquely identifies an item in a list.

  3. Is a combination of each unique key.

  4. Both (a) and (b).

  5. Both (c) and (b).

Answer: 4

A schema describes

  1. Data elements.

  2. Records & files.

  3. Record relationships.

  4. All of these.

  5. None of these.

Answer: 4

Information can be transferred between the DBMS and a

  1. Spread sheet program.

  2. Word processor program.

  3. Graphics program.

  4. All of these.

  5. None of these.

Answer: 4

What is the full form of ACID?

  1. Atomicity, Constant, Isolation, Durability.

  2. Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Duration.

  3. Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability.

  4. Atomicity, Consistency, Indexing, Durability.

  5. Atomicity, Constant, Indexing, Durability.

Answer: 3

A DBMS that runs on many different operating systems is said to be

  1. Scalable.

  2. Robust.

  3. Platform independent.

  4. Distributed.

Answer: 3

The most open source DBMS.

  1. Microsoft SQL Server.

  2. Microsoft Access.

  3. MySQL.

  4. Oracle.

Answer: 3

An enterprise solution with data storage, a client interface and a security system is

  1. 2-tier system.

  2. 3-tier system.

  3. 4-tier system.

  4. N-tier system.

Answer: 2
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