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C# ASP .Net Quiz

Description: C# ASP .Net Quiz
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What is the first method that is fired during page load among these methods?

  1. PreRender

  2. Init

  3. Load

  4. Unload

Correct Option: B

Method overloading is

c #
  1. Static polymorphism

  2. Dynamic polymorphism

  3. Both static and dynamic polymorphism

  4. Not a polymorphism.

Correct Option: A

What namespace does a page belong in the .net framework class hierarchy?

  1. System.Web.Control

  2. System.Web.RootBuilder

  3. System.Web.UserControl

  4. system.Web.UI.Page

Correct Option: D

What is last stage of a web forms life cycle?

  1. Page Events

  2. Page_Load

  3. Page_Unload

  4. Page_Init

Correct Option: C

In which method can the final changes to the controls can be done before the page is rendered?

  1. Init

  2. Load

  3. Prerender

  4. Render

Correct Option: C

We can programmitically set theme for a web page in

  1. Init event

  2. PreInit event

  3. Load event

  4. Can be set only at design time.

Correct Option: B

How can a child class constructor access parent class constructor?

  1. using base keyword

  2. using super keyword

  3. creating object of parent within child

  4. using this keyword

Correct Option: A

Find out the output for the code snippet given below:- int i=10; Console.WriteLine(i++);

  1. 10

  2. 11

  3. 12

  4. 9

Correct Option: A

A class which cannot be derived is

  1. Sealed

  2. Abstract

  3. Private

  4. Protected

Correct Option: A

By default, session is stored as

  1. InProc

  2. in State Server

  3. in SQL Server

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: A

What is the name given to an assembly that contains localized resources?

  1. Spoke

  2. Hub

  3. Satellite

  4. Sputnik

Correct Option: C

We use the 'new' keyword in

  1. Overriding

  2. Overloading

  3. Shadowing

  4. Method Hiding

  5. Both c and d

Correct Option: E

Method Overriding is

  1. Static polymorphism

  2. Dynamic polymorphism

  3. Both static and dynamic polymorphism

  4. Not a polymorphism

Correct Option: B

Ternary operator is

  1. +=

  2. *=

  3. ?=

  4. ?:

Correct Option: D
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