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Simple HTML CSS Quiz

Description: Simple HTML CSS Quiz
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Which values for font-family property is valid?

  1. Times New Roman, serif

  2. “Times New Roman”, serif

  3. Times New Roman; serif;

  4. &quotTimes New Roman”; “serif”;

Correct Option: B

Which property applies a color to text?

  1. text-color

  2. foreground-color

  3. background-color

  4. color

Correct Option: D

In what form are style rules presented?

  1. selector { property: value }

  2. selector { property= value }

  3. selector ( property: value )

  4. selector ( property= value )

Correct Option: A

What does the ID selector do?

  1. Apply the style to a specific element

  2. Apply the style to all the elements

  3. Apply the style to a group of elements

  4. Apply the style to elements of the same type

Correct Option: A

A ___________ consist of a property and a value,

  1. Tag

  2. Attribute

  3. Deceleration

  4. This is H1

  5. h1 {color: red;}

Correct Option: C

Fill in the following:

  1. selector

  2. attribute

  3. property

  4. decleration

Correct Option: B
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