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Simple COBOL Quiz

Description: Simple COBOL Quiz
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Which one of the following is incorrect

  1. Divide A into B

  2. Divide A by B

  3. Divide A into B Giving C

  4. Divide A by B Giving C

Correct Option: B

Determine the size of the data item SPPPP9999

  1. 9

  2. 5

  3. 8

  4. 4

Correct Option: D

77-level entries are permitted in _________________.

  1. Any part of the file section

  2. Any part of the working-storage section

  3. Any part of the data division

Correct Option: C

Which one of the following is not a valid statement?

  1. Multiply corresponding record1 by record2

  2. Add corresponding record1 to record2

  3. Move corresponding record1 to record2

  4. Subtract corresponding record1 from record2

Correct Option: A

A record can be described using which of these level numbers

  1. 01 to 49 (both inclusive) and 77

  2. 01 to 49 (both inclusive)

  3. All odd numbers from 01 to 49

  4. All even numbers from 01 to 49

Correct Option: B

In what areas is the COBOL programming language used?

  1. Financial sector and engineering

  2. Graphic design and education

  3. None of these

Correct Option:

A data item Var1 described with PIC S9(4) requires 3 bytes of storage if its usage clause is

  1. Comp

  2. Comp-1

  3. Display

  4. Comp-3

Correct Option: D

Which level used in RENAME clause

  1. Level 88

  2. Level 77

  3. Level 66

  4. Level 01

Correct Option: C

In COBOL CANCEL statement used in which type of CALL

  1. Dynamic CALL

  2. Static CALL

  3. Both A and B

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: A

using an ____number of digits for PACKED DECIMAL (COMP-3) is 5% to 20% Faster than using an_____ number of digits .

  1. Even, Even

  2. Odd, Even

  3. Odd, Odd

  4. Even, Odd

Correct Option: B

Which one is incorrect in the following??

  1. If A is greater than B go to Para-A

  2. If C is not positive go to Para-C

  3. If D is not alphanumeric go to Para-D

  4. If E = 3 or 4 go to Para-valid

Correct Option: C
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