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Chart cannot be placed in which of the following sections?

  1. Report Header

  2. Report Footer

  3. Details

  4. Group Header

Correct Option: C
  1. Schedule

  2. View on Demand

  3. Full Control

  4. Guest Control

Correct Option: A,B,C

Selected supported formats for dynamic image objects.(Choose two.)

  1. JPG

  2. BMP

  3. WMV

  4. CSP

Correct Option: A,B

The Database Expert is used to(Choose four.)

  1. Connect to Data Sources

  2. Create ODBC DSNs

  3. Add tables to a report

  4. Link the tables used in a report

  5. Add fields to a report

Correct Option: A,C,D,E
  1. Version Number

  2. Content Locale

  3. Add tables to a report

  4. Print date

  5. Record Number

Correct Option: D
  1. Grow Vertically

  2. Can Grow

  3. Vertical Grow

  4. Text Totation

Correct Option: B

Which of the following types can be embedded in a text object.(Choose three.)

  1. Database Fields

  2. Formula Fields

  3. Another Text Object

  4. Special Fields

Correct Option: A,C,D
  1. Ascending

  2. Descending

  3. Specified Order

  4. Original Order

Correct Option: A,B

When you first create a group, what are the tab options available in Insert Group dialog box .(Choose two.)

  1. Common

  2. Others

  3. Options

  4. Specified Order

Correct Option: A,C

In the Design Window what are the options for setting section names.

  1. Full Names of the Section.

  2. Section Names Can be Hidden.

  3. Section Names can be customized.

  4. Short Section Names can be set.

Correct Option: C

Where is the total editing time of a report shown?

  1. In Field Explorer, Special Fields.

  2. In Report Menu, Performance Information.

  3. In File Menu, Summary Info.

  4. In the Status Bar at the bottom of the window.

Correct Option: C

What are the methods of changing the order of a group.(Choose two.)

  1. Using the Group Expert. Dialog Box

  2. Rearrange the Group Sections By Dragging

  3. You can add fields to the report from a Work Bench

Correct Option: A,B
  1. clicking this button on the Insert Tools toolbar

  2. Report Menu & Group Sort Expert

  3. Insert Menu & Group Expert

Correct Option: A,C
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