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In prioritizing what to test, the most important objective is to:

  1. Find as many faults as possible

  2. Test high risk areas

  3. Test whatever is easiest to test

  4. Obtain good test coverage

Correct Option: B

IEEE 829 test plan documentation standard contains all of the following except

  1. Test tasks

  2. Test items

  3. Test deliverables

  4. Test specifications

Correct Option: D

Test cases are designed during:

  1. test recording

  2. test planning

  3. test configuration

  4. test specification

Correct Option: D

Which of the following is NOT included in the Test Plan document of the Test Documentation Standard?

  1. Quality plans

  2. What is not to be tested

  3. Schedules and deadlines

  4. Test environment properties

Correct Option: A

Which of the following is not described in a unit test standard?

  1. syntax testing

  2. equivalence partitioning

  3. stress testing

  4. modified condition/decision coverage

Correct Option: C

Enough testing has been performed when:

  1. time runs out

  2. the required level of confidence has been achieved

  3. no more faults are found

  4. the users won’t find any serious faults

Correct Option: B

Test managers should not:

  1. Sign the system off for release

  2. Report on deviations from the project plan

  3. Re-allocate resource to meet original plans

  4. Raise incidents on faults that they have found

Correct Option: C
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